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  1. Val, ignore the immature twerp. Its comments on racism, obsession with prostitution, and mis-use of logic clearly show it for what it is. The mind is closed, and a sewer, and nothing anyone can do from the outside will change that; and, I doubt there is the courage or mental ability for the change to come from within.

  2. I agree with Val. There’s simply no other response. This Harris guy gets his so-called information on “culture” out of old sociology textbooks, which he doesn’t really understand. It’s “pena ajena” to read him expressing such arrogance. It’s a waste of time to argue with him, I suppose.
    I?ve been to Cuba. I’ve seen the prostitution and I’ve heard Cubans say that it’s much, much worse than in the days of Batista. It’s not some kind of a joke. It’s so painful to see these young, beautiful women–and often girls–selling out their dignity. It’s a crime. Anyone who respects women should support any effort to bring down the Castro regime, on that basis alone–and there are many more reasons, of course. To come along with such sociological babble and geopolitical daydreaming, as Harris does, rankles one who has no real interest in the island (like me). I can empathize with Val, since these opinions would have pushed me over the edge long before they did him, if I were in his place. I think he deserves a lot of credit for writing so many reasonable words before that, in a vain attempt.
    What I saw in Cuba–and I was just an accidental tourist for a couple of days–was an entrepreneural culture that goes back centuries, a degraded and humilliated people that has managed to maintain it in the face of decades of repression. I think that once the dictatorship falls these people will rise again and be what they always were: the hub of business in Latin America. But what do I know?

  3. I just want to mention that I am absolutely NOT related to this person. I have encountered his narrow-minded, calcified opinions on Dean Esmay’s blog before and have never been impressed.

    Also, having been born in and lived for thirty-six years in the city of Miami I can recognize a total ignoramus about South Floridian and Cuban history when I see one. Not to mention he also displays a perfectly comic-book knowledge of Caribbean and European history. “Culturalist” my ass! He says he received his undergraduate degree in journalism. Why am I not surprised.

  4. I know little about Cuba or Cubans, probably less about Cuban Americans.
    What I do know is that I’ve lived my life in a state bordering Mexico. I know that Mr. Harris offers the same arguments that I hear from anti-Mexican bigots. The arguments that I know are lies from my own experience.
    I’m siding with Val in this argument, even before ever hearing from Andrea. Reading Andrea’s comment comfirms my thoughs.

  5. Oh boy, I wonder if I should shut up or what Val. I came to you when Dean put this cute story out and wondered if you were the same guy that shaved his legs.

    I get such a nice response and then I visit you last night and once again started laughing so hard my buddy and pal, Mr. Pips falls off my lap with you wearing the pink wig.

    Just a few minutes ago on my son’s blog I spoke to Arnold over this argument. I have known Arnold for two years and I have had to pause and think over what he is trying to get at. So, I went there today and spoke to him. Then I come here and see your headline. You can check out my honesty and feelings by timestamps here or there I guess.

    Oops, get here and the mexican’s are brought up…Yipes, no wonder I do not have a blog. No wonder I kept me mouth shut I was the kids Ma.

    Val, I am a woman and an old fashioned one at that. All you have to do is look at what I wrote about Clinton running for Secretary on Dean’s Blog. I am just over 50. I hear I do not look it but I don’t think a lot of women 50 look 50!

    I like you, I like Arnold, I love Dean….maybe I am going to get in trouble now. My kid that protects our borders got real mad at me once cause I said somethin’ in his brother’s world that he reads along with his band of brothers protecting us. He called me one night and I hear, “MOM….Don’t YOU EVER SAY WHAT I DO EXACTLY….EVER!!! What did I say honey? “MOM, I KNOW YOU ARE PROUD of DEAN and ME but…terrorist MOM!!! Dean’s World is read all around the world!!! It’s ok that you said I was formerly US Border Patrol but do not say waht I do under Homeland Security!!!!”

    Yipes Val! I was robbed two weeks ago and guess how many police and other men and women came around my place!?! You would have thought I was the President of these United States!

    Take care Val, simmer down. You have many fans and so does Dean.

    I’m outta here, cuse I tink I is in trouble!

  6. As far as I can tell, almost all anti-Cuban prejudice I’ve ever seen (from here in Texas, where we don’t have Cubans in great numbers) has been driven by left-wing ideology. It’s about excusing, absolving, and lionizing The Great Agrarian Reformer Fidelzebub.

    And to defend Castro, you have to either lie about what he’s done to Cuba or to argue that his victims deserve it – hence attacks on the character or merit of Cubans. So the Myth of Infinite Evil and Corruption under Fulgencio Batista grows with time. The longer and the worse Castro acts, the greater the slurs must become, since they’re points of justification fellow travelers use to defend the indefensible.

  7. Val:

    I’m glad you reposted this, man. When I read how that bastard tried to twist the knife under cover of solicitude, I want to shove his bragged-about assault rifle right up his keister. This man has a black heart. This man wants to laugh at all your pain. He knows your work, and, who knows, maybe he struck right after your recent heartwrenching postings on your Cuban disillusionment for his own dark reason. He reminds me of Graner of Abu Ghraib, who loving tapped with his baton on the bruises of his prisoners, and slowly sewed up their wounds without anesthetic. That’s Arnold Harris, Ayn Rand in camo drag, an evil man. (He has his whole family in thrall, apparently.)

    And, Janelle, listen to your son: shut up. If you can have affection for Val, Arnold, and Dean, you have lost the adult capacity for discrimination.

    Jerome du Bois

  8. Elitist prick is right. Also bigot. I live in LA and hear this crap all the time. Usually from those packing to move to Idaho or some such place. You don’t understand “Fuck You”? That says it all right there.

  9. Ye gads–I could barely slog through a tenth of his condescending verbal vomit before I became so disgusted I had to close the Comments screen. What a disgusting example of small-minded isolationism. That whole business of “Good luck decommunizing Cuba but don’t drag America into it” made me want to plant my fist into my monitor. UGH!

    I’m hope that self-absorbed pinoche de perro wakes up and realizes just how very ugly and compassionless he is.


  10. I read a fairly good novel about Cuban life called ‘A Girl Like Che Guevara.’ I could not believe how degraded all of the people were. Communism permeates every aspect of a society and ruins every soul.

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