Baby che


It’s so very now, so tres chic:

At Babywit, their viva che line is sweatshop free and made in the USA. No mention of torture or executions.
Babesta has just what you need for your “Revolutionary Rugrat”, their “Viva che Onesie & Lap T is the perfect top to compliment your camos. For your little one who’s always been a little left of center.”
Stardust Kids are selling “unique” che guevara onesie’s in green, pink, or blue. What, no blood red to celebrate the spirit of el che?
Black Wagon has the long sleeve version of the “monster” tee.
Urban Monster has the “mommy must have che guevara onesie. Viva la revolution!”
Aunties’ Babies is offering the “Appaman che guevara tee. Viva la Revolution! A fun vintage icon of the 70’s.” Oh yeah, revolutionary blood spilling is just loads of fun. Just ask che’s victims.

What next, dictators on diapers?



10 thoughts on “Baby che

  1. Whaaaat?
    Ay Dios mio, esto es el colmo…
    We should start a campaing and send them emails
    -through the “contact us” or “customer service” links- kind of “public services information movement” to let them know a thing or two.
    And, who the hell is going to dress a baby with a murderer face? Well… this is American, nothing should surprise us, I guess…
    This is just asqueroso…why don’t we ask them to sell the CAMBIO white wristband also?

  2. CubanitaInColorado: honestly, don’t waste your breath. As a Hispanic you are expendable, unimportant and unwanted – isn’t that what folks who dress their infants in this garbage are trying to get across?
    Excuse my while I choke on my lunch.
    What the fuc& has this world come to?

  3. “What next, dictators on diapers?”
    If they do that, they should put the che image on the inside of the diaper where it belongs…

  4. The Unbearable Lightness of Amoral Mindlessness. It’s just like being seriously stoned, only cheaper and legal.

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