The Chinese Model

Many have wondered whether or not the great and munificent prince raul will adopt Chinese style economic reforms in order to keep the stranglehold on power he earned through his brother’s royal edict. Aware that a Cuban population that has known nothing but hunger, pain, and desperation for the last fifty years may become unpredictable if the noose around their necks is loosened even a small bit, the only likely “economic reforms” the island will see in the near future will be along the same lines as the recent momentous, yet meaningless royal decrees by the junior prince of darkness.
But the Chinese are known for more than their economic policies, and as this article from the UK’s Daily Mail illustrates, the regime in Cuba has been more than willing to adopt this part of the Chinese Model.

Miss Huq, one of 80 torchbearers said: “The men in blue perplexed everyone. Nobody seemed to know who they were officially or what their title was. They were very robotic, very full on, and I noticed them having skirmishes with our own police and the Olympic authorities before our leg of the relay, which was confusing.
“They were barking orders at me, like ‘Run! Stop!’ and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, who are these people?’
“They kept pushing my hand up higher when I was holding the torch, so they were…interesting.”
Miss Huq was nearly knocked to the ground by a protester as thousands of campaigners disrupted the procession to demonstrate against China’s human rights abuses and brutality in Tibet.
It was reported the men have been recruited from Chinese special forces brigades. Some came from the feared Flying Dragons and rthe Sword of Flying Dragons counter-terror units.


Government thugs patrolling the streets, pushing protesters out of the way and beating up anyone who challenges them. Now that is a Chinese style reform that the great and munificent prince raul can really sink his teeth into.



One thought on “The Chinese Model

  1. Alberto,
    Point well taken. The Cuban tyranny will not adopt any real reforms only “reforms” like the one that you mention in your post [more thuggishness].
    There is no other conclusion, the Cuban tyranny is the singularly most horrendous tyranny around. Whereas the Soviets adopted Perestroika and China adopted REAL economic reforms that have meant a real difference to the Chinese people, albeit continued political repression, Castro, Inc.. has never adopted anything even remotely reformist.
    It is simply the singularly most retrograde, intransigent and overzealous tyranny around, bar none. And Raul has shown with these “reforms” [que son una burla y un insulto] that he is nothing more than a carbon copy of his brother.

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