Mumia Abu Jamal Says VIVA FIDEL!


Today when I read Alberto’s post about Alice Walker’s quote that Obama uses without giving credit, he mentioned a name that makes my skin crawl—that of convicted Philly cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal. Cop killers have a special place in hell reserved for them and perhaps I react to murders of police officers like I do because both my father and grandfather were Philly cops. Regardless, Wesley Cook, aka Mumia Abu Jamal, a Marxist, Black Panther Party member and former radio commentator was convicted of killing Officer Daniel Faulkner by shooting him in the back and the head. Ballistic evidence, eyewitness testimony and the resounding silence of both Abu-Jamal and his brother in his defense sealed his fate- the death penalty- that was decided in 1982.


Since then it seems every high-profile liberal on the face of the earth has taken up the Free Mumia cause. Danny Glover, Nelson Mandela, Alice Walker, Rage Against the Machine, Ed Asner, Susan Sarandon and Paul Newman are among those who support this murderer who has written three books while on death row and has a radio show from prison. It is amazing all the support he has for a new trial based on everything from a convicted felon’s testimony that he waited 20 years to give, to recent news that the Mafia was behind Officer Faulkner’s murder! Michelle Malkin shared her take on the Mumia “cult” last year.

There is much selective testimony and no shortage of distortions used to try to free Abu Jamal, including the conspiracy theory that because Abu Jamal was a very vocal activist against police brutality, that the cops wanted to kill him. Right, so they sent one officer to a traffic stop to take on two people?

So what does this have to do with Cuba? Well, it seems Mr. Abu Jamal is, as you would guess, a worshipper of a one Mr. fidel castro. He has even taken the time to discuss castro on his prison radio show, in which he hurls the typical attacks against Miami Cubans for being happy that Castro resigned, calling their celebrations of this, “morbid.” Abu Jamal, who considers himself a “student of history,” said that when castro became ill, in Miami there was a “ghoulish glee… The spectacle of people dancing in the streets of Miami, at news of Fidel’s sickness was disgraceful.” You can get a better picture of the man who has a street named after him in France by reading the transcripts of his fidel love fest on prison radio here: VIVA FIDEL and FIDEL’S RESIGNATION.

But the love fest is not one sided! Read what Teresa Gutierrez of Worker’s World observed when castro came to the US in 2000. (Pause to grab a barf bag)

“And what a significant moment it was when Fidel spoke of Cuba’s contribution to save the life of political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal. Fidel brought the house down right then and there as thousands leaped to their feet to thunderously applaud and chant Fidel’s and Mumia’s names.

What a tremendous contribution Fidel made, not only to the class struggle but also to the struggle against racism. It was an incredible show of unity for the great leader from revolutionary Cuba to stand with the struggle to save Mumia and against racism right in the very heart of imperialism. “

They are made for each other.



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  1. It’s like this: black guy with attitude and dreadlocks ALWAYS gets the benefit of the doubt over whitey in a cop uniform. Among the Hollywood crowd, that’s more sacred than anything in the Bible.

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