Photos from the NYC protest

Early photos are in, a sampling: 


 My favorite is this one of the inimitable Paqutio D’ Rivera playing the Cuban Hymn:


 And  here, flashing a t-shirt that makes a statement: 



See these and more at:


The Real Cuba

Cuba Independiente

Cuba Companioni


Listen to live coverage via Blog Talk Radio here; I was privileged to be invited on the show, and a good part of the time, I could barely keep my emotions in check.  Hearing the chants of libertad, libertad, drowning out the yelling of the counter protesters  from across the street  is spine-chilling.  I hope the Interest Section thugs were on site, and listening.


Special thanks goes to Jose Reyes at Cubanology for keeping me up to date on the event’s happenings.




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