CBC Stand Before His Satanic Majesty – Fifo

Hot off the presses, three of the leaders of the CBC paid their respects to his Satanic Majesty today ….

By WILL WEISSERT, Associated Press Writer Will Weissert, Associated Press Writer – 29 mins ago

HAVANA – Fidel Castro met Tuesday with three members of the Congressional Black Caucus, the former Cuban president’s first meeting with American officials since falling ill in July 2006.

Greg Adams, a spokesman at the U.S. Interests Section in Havana, said Rep. Barbara Lee, a California Democrat, and two other lawmakers met with the ailing, 82-year-old Castro. He did not have further details, nor could he provide the names of the other Americans who attended the meeting.

The meeting appears to underscore the Cuban government’s desire for improved relations with the United States under new President Barack Obama.

Adams said he expected the Cuban government to release more information during the nightly newscast on state television.

The bearded former president who has clashed with every U.S. president since Dwight D. Eisenhower has not been seen in public since undergoing emergency intestinal surgery in July 2006. He formally ceded power to his brother Raul, five years his junior, last February.

Lee led a delegation of six Democratic representatives who left Havana Tuesday after a five-day trip designed to encourage dialogue between the United States and Cuba.

The group was traveling and not immediately available to provide details. Reached in Washington, J. Jioni Palmer, a spokesman for the Congressional Black Caucus, said he had not heard of any meeting with the elder Castro.

UPDATE: This should tell you everything about where these folks’ priorities come from. They remind me of folks like Paul Robeson and others who knew of Stalin’s murderous ways, but kept quiet for their cause. Their cause is the castro’s cause, not the cause of the Cuban people and Cuban dissidents.

“I’m convinced Raul Castro wants a normal relationship with the United States,” Lee said after the meeting. “He’s serious.”

Delegation members said they discussed topics as such as increased U.S.-Cuba trade and better cooperation in combating drug and human trafficking — but “we did not talk about specifics,” Lee said during a Tuesday news conference.

She ducked questions about why the delegation failed to meet with any Cuban dissidents during the five-day trip that was due to end later Tuesday. Some past congressional trips to Cuba, though not all, have included meetings with dissidents.

They “ducked” questions about their failure to meet with dissidents. What a disgrace. Why not make her and her neo-Stalinist delegation official members of the Cuban Communist Party. Makes me want to puke!



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  1. Congresswoman Barbara Lee was talking about her meeting with the Great Satan. She says he was in good health, high spirits, and that the wife and male spawn of Satan were also at the meeting. The latter was taking photographs. No doubt the photos of the meeting will be blown up and soon appear on the billboards / propaganda boards lining the roads in Cuba.

  2. I believe that we should contact the Cuban Democrats in the House and Senate and ask them to write to the CBC expressing their outrage at the behavior and comments of the CBC. This is especially true for Albio, who serves on the House Foreign Affairs Committee with Rep. Lee. They may not answer us but we must bring pressure to bear on Albio to respond to this.

    Hon. Albio Sires
    U.S. House of Representatives
    1024 Longworth
    Washington, DC 20515
    Phone: 202-225-7919
    Fax: 202-226-0792

    Hon. Robert Menendez
    U.S. Senate528 Senate Hart Office Building
    Washington, D.C. 20510
    202.228.2197 fax

  3. At least Jeff Flake met with dissidents when he was in Cuba. Adn he kept the subject of political prisoners up front when he talked with Cuban officials. So he’s one up on the CBC.

  4. An excellent Jay Nordlinger article from 2000, on the black elites love affair with castro inc.Click Here

    An excerpt: In January, Rep. Maxine Waters led another of her delegations to Havana, to attend a “U.S. Healthcare Exhibition.” While there, she and Rep. Barbara Lee met with Elián’s father, who, Waters later said, “has a wonderful reputation.” She also expressed confidence that she had “heard firsthand how the people of Cuba feel about the case.” Lee, for her part, made the following statement: “As a trained social worker, I can unequivocally say that Elián’s father is totally fit and equipped to raise his son in a loving environment.”

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