The more things change…

We love always being right.

Current Former Cuban President dictator [f]idel [c]astro said President Obama misinterpreted remarks by his brother and successor, [r]aul, and bristled at the suggestion that the island should free political prisoners or cut taxes on remittances from abroad as a goodwill gesture to the U.S.

[r]aul [c]astro touched off a whirlwind of speculation last week that the U.S. and Cuba could be headed toward a thaw in nearly a half-century of chilly relations. The speculation began when the Cuban president said leaders would be willing to sit down with their U.S. counterparts and discuss everything, including human rights, freedom of the press and expression, and political prisoners on the island.

Obama responded at the Summit of the Americas by saying Washington seeks a new beginning with Cuba, but he also said Sunday that Cuba should release some political prisoners and reduce official taxes on remittances sent to the island from the U.S.

That appeared to enrage [f]idel [c]astro, 82, who wrote in an essay posted on a government website that Obama “without a doubt misinterpreted Raul’s declarations.”

Change! Dialogue! Drop the embargo! They’ll come around!



2 thoughts on “The more things change…

  1. “U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton had a different perspective on Fidel Castro’s essay while speaking about Cuba policy with the House Foreign Affairs Committee today. She said that while Fidel Castro had “contradicted” his brother’s previous statements about Cuba’s willingness to discuss a whole range of issues with the U.S., it shows “there is beginning to be a debate” inside Cuba about how to move forward with U.S. relations.”

    Yes, I can hear the debates being freely talked about right now!

  2. George:

    Yes FC like his father miser to the end.

    What the Obama administration has not yet grasped is that the Castro regime (or absolute monarchy) cannot concede or loosen things up because that would bring revolt. They are riding a tiger and if they get off the tiger will eat them.

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