Esta es tu casa, Obama II!

Police state, anyone?

WASHINGTON — President Obama told human rights advocates at the White House on Wednesday that he was mulling the need for a “preventive detention” system that would establish a legal basis for the United States to incarcerate terrorism suspects who are deemed a threat to national security but cannot be tried, two participants in the private session said.

A solid eight years of hearing liberals and Democrats decry the evil George W. Bush’s “destruction” of our civil liberties and shredding of the Constitution and yadayadayada and I’ll bet a crisp sawbuck that you wont hear a peep from them over this incredibly disturbing news. I’m actually willing to bet they’ll be defending this policy in droves.

The TOTUS (“Teleprompter Of The United States”) will come out and read some carefully prepared speech “explaining the need” for this barbarity and liberals and Democrats will swoon in delight and gush with support as they slide off their chairs.




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  1. Question for Cigar Mike.

    The article says it won’t be for the Gitmo detainees, but for future situations. Could a law like this be so broad as to include political opinions that the White House may deem a threat to national security, for example Mr. Cheney’s political opinion? Who will set the guidelines for what is considered a possible national security threat? Can you imagine the charge? “Possible Dangerousness”

  2. And they said that Bush was clamping on our freedoms and violating our constitutional rights.

    But I guess is fine and dandy for a lefty to clamp on our liberties and establish a socialist state on the greatest nation on earth.

    It is incredible the amount of horseshit coming these days from the Democrats and the lefties.

    I wonder when the people are going to finally wake-up from their state of denial and revolt.

  3. Lori

    So long as it’s on US Soil, and there’s no suspension of the writ of Habeas Corpus you have a remedy especially if you are US Citizen and/or Resident. But this crap has gone on even before 9/11. They can pick you up as a person of interest and keep you locked up until you give them information for quite some time. Eventually you get out, but not after spending weeks and/or months at Club Fed.

    The biggest abuse in my opinion was Jose Padilla. As a US Citizen, they had no business locking him up without charges or right to counsel. They ultimately charged him and got a conviction.

    Now if under some national emergency such as nuclear bomb going off or something, or if under some guise of national emergency and the Prez suspends the writ, you’re fucked and you can be picked up for any reason….

    They arrested folks during the Civil War for sedition (political opinion) when the writ was last suspended.

  4. What we are missing here is the fact that under certain situations and for a determined group of people deemed to be “useless eaters” a/k/a/ the elderly Habeas Corpus along with any and all civil rights can be denied for any little thing such as : An elderly person falling and a neighboor calling APS who will determined that person is unable to care for themselves and recommend during a closed hearing that a guardian be appointed to care for that person, the guardian can have that person picked up, chemically restrained at a detention center (nursing home). The person’s relatives who objects can be retrained from contact with their loved ones
    by a restraining order signed by the judge while cohorts who act as guardian siphon off the elder’s accumulated wealth, (we have documented cases of up to $500,000 in as litle as 10 weeks , after the elders wealth has been confiscated for lack of a better word, the death of the elder can quickly follow, oftentime by neglect or through improper or excessive medication,
    If you need actual examples see Journalist Janet Phelan’s expose in “The Probate Murders”

    Shortly after Janet wrote this she was threatned feared for her life and became a political refugee in Canada from where she continues to expose the continuing asset consfication of the elderly now threatning to spread to a more generalized citizenry.

    I fought a 4 years legal battle to get my mother released from legal guardianship,after paying
    $350,000 in legal fees(the ransom), I was able to rescue her from a certain death from where she sat , head slumped, chemically restrained in warehouse for the elderly. She is now actively taking part in family activities,surrouded by loving family members,in a third world
    country where we inmigrated to escape the wave of repression and entitlement now sweeping our beloved great nation where we all shared living the American dream which unfortunately for many of us with elderly “well off” parents has turned into the American Nightmare.

    “I wonder when the people are going to finally wake-up from their state of denial and revolt.”

  5. In case you are interested you can read about actual case histories in the follow up articles Janey Phelan researched on the murder for profit in the Probate Murders series that cost Janet her residency in the US:

    The Probate Murders Part Two: Melodie Scott and the State of California — In the Business of Death?

    “Oceania is not at war with East or Eurasia.
    Oceania is at war with you.”—George Orwell, “1984”


  6. Radio show today on “Preventive Detention” and more

    Shane Kadidel, of the Center for Constitutional Rights, will guest on the first segment of “One If By Land,” to discuss Obama’s “preventive detention” plan. Dr. Barbara Oakley, the author of “Evil Genes,” will guest for the remainder of the show.

    One If By Land airs every Saturday from 3-6 p.m. Central Time.

    You may listen online, by going to or check the website for a station near you.

    Janet Phelan

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