Up Yours To The Wanks Who Say Cuba Was A Backwards Country Before 1960


While going through all the papers and documents and other things in my mom’s house,  I stumbled across the documents she and my grandparents brought with them when they left Cuba.  I stumbled across this document from the Secretary General from the University of Havana dated 2/8/60.  It describes the achievement of a woman who was raised by a single mother, at the turn of the 20th century, in the eastern provence of Cuba, Santiago, who was accepted to the most prestigious University in the Country and one of the most prestigious Universities in the Americas, and who on July 5, 1922,  almost two years to the date when the United States of America allowed women the right to vote,  this 23 year old woman received her Doctor in Pharmacy with High Honors.

She went on to start her own business, a pharmacy in the town of Palma Soriano, Oriente and kept it until it was taken away from her by the damned revolution.  I wonder if she sought this certificate in an attempt to get work here in the US at the age of 61? Who knows. Both she and her husband had to flee to Spain and then finally to the US in 1964 where to their dismay,  they could not get work because of their age and language barrier.  That woman was always proud that she was a Doctora en Farmacia.  She was also involved in the establishment of the first school for the blind in Santiago de Cuba in the 1920’s.  I never knew this until I googled her name and found this document. What do you know for such a purported backwards country that was nothing until the revolution.  Yeah right.

That’s pretty outstanding for a woman back in the early 1920’s no?  Of course that woman, Delfina Maria Parlade y Hechavarria,  was my grandmother.



3 thoughts on “Up Yours To The Wanks Who Say Cuba Was A Backwards Country Before 1960

  1. Mike,

    Can’t be true! That has to be exile propaganda! Remember, the mainstream media [with the New York Times leading the chorus] all say that Fidel Castro liberated Cuban women. According to them [and they know better than us, we’re just lying hatemongers], women in Cuba were only emancipated in 1959 as were blacks, the poor, and the downtrodden. In fact, Cuba had not discernible history before 1959. What’s more, as the Cuban regime claims, Jose Marti wasn’t Cuba’s greatest profit, he was only the precursor to fifo who is the culmination of all of Cuba’s hopes and dreams. He is the messiah, the chosen one.

  2. Mike,

    I was happy to read this, for my mother is a doctora en farmacia from the University of La Habana and still works to this day as one.
    Those who think that Cuba was a backward country, truly have it wrong and its up to us to prove it and show it by our actions.
    Thanks for posting this, it makes us proud. Your grandmother must have been quite a lady.


  3. My grandfather was a poor “carbonero,” who sold charcoal, which he carried on his back in burlap sacks to make deliveries. He and his family were NOT even remotely well-heeled. His daughter, who happened to be smart enough and studious enough, still managed to attend university in Havana and get two degrees, one of them a doctorate. This all happened before 1959. This was not some freak event. In pre-Castro Cuba, people who had what it takes to succeed could and DID succeed, and that includes the poor. Castro did NOT invent the wheel, regardless of what the New York Times may or may not say.

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