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  1. The bigotry, intolerance and thuggery of Cuban-American hardliners is a fact, just like the rest of all of you Little Limbaughs in the Republican Party.

  2. Ricardo,

    For all I care you and your kind of asswipes can go and kiss our Cuban-Americans hardliners asses.

  3. Ricardo,

    YOur comment speaks volumes about you and your own particular brand of tolerance.

    Now here’s my official response to you, for the record:

    Go fuck yourself, you self righteous, self absorbed fucking hypocrite.

  4. Ricardo is just another tolerant, compassionate liberal who hates anyone and anything who disagrees with him and his leftist philosophy. He obviously has a huge “I hate Cubans and conservatives” chip on his shoulder.

  5. Ricardo,

    Please feel free to back up the accusations of “bigotry, intolerance and thuggery” you charge the Cuban-American community with. Give me dates, situations, group or persons, and places.

  6. I don’t have to back up accusations of your bigotry, intolerance and thuggery. There is plenty of evidence of it. The Ladies in Pink, the students at FIU, the way you treat sensible exile voices like Joe Garcia and Jorge Mas Santos. You are thugs, whether you want to accept it or not.

  7. Ricardo,

    You make me laugh with your stupidity, thinking that we buy your bullshit here.

    1. Ladies in Pink, a bunch of lefties that pay homage to our enemies on a regular basis.

    What did we intolerants Cuban-Americans did to them?

    Did we drag them on the street or beat them up the way that the Castro brothers Rapid Response Brigades treat the peaceful dissents in Cuba?

    Did we inflict bodily harm on them?

    Please, give me a freaking break with your stupidity points.

    And by the way, the Ladies in Pink showed-up to Versailles Restaurant here to incite and provoke the crowd and create problems to individuals that in the past have been victims of the Castro regime and carry a painful burden because of it.

    2. What’s the problem with the students in F.I.U.? Which students have been beat-up or abused by the intolerant Cuban-Americans in Miami?

    Please stop you fucking bullshit.

    3. What did we do to Joe Garcia or Joe Mas Santos? Since when they’re sensible voices among us?

    If we attack them on this blog is because we disagree with their bullshit views.

    Or what do you think that we have to put up with those two clowns lies?

    That does not make us thugs.

    You want to know what is a thug ASSHOLE?

    If you lived in Cuba and disagreed with the Communist regime there and the Castro brothers and if you had the balls to publicly voice that opposition them you will learn extremely fast what a thug is because the moment that you speak-up against that regime the government Rapid Response Brigades would show-up to your door and would be kicking your stupid ass in every which way possible until kingdom come.

    Then you would learn extremely fast who the thugs are your asswipe because you would be suffering real physical pain.

    I give you a better one, go and find a former Cuban political prisoner and ask him how he was treated during his captivity and you’ll learn very fast the real meaning of the word thug.


    On this blog we may verbally abuse our enemies, so big fucking deal, that does not make us thugs.

    Please Ricardo do us all a favor here and take to another blog your stupid-bigoted views to another blog.

  8. Ricardo,

    The Ladies in Pink are #1 NO LADIES! They go by the name “CODE PINK.” You obviously must be confused with the REAL Ladies from Cuba “The Ladies in White.” You know… The ones that have to put up with the “bigotry, intolerance and thuggery” in CUBA.

    But I digress. The six BITCHES from CODE PINK were rightly chased away from hallowed ground. Versailles Restaurant is where the Cuban-American community gathers to seek comfort and understanding and also to share our grief or joy with others from within the Cuban-American community. I don’t give a rat’s ass that they had a permit. We are not going to allow any Communist loving BITCHES to come to our community to demonstrate against one of our own; especially, someone like Luis Posada Carriles, who has spent his whole life fighting murdering terrorists.

    As to FIU… Please elaborate. My daughter is a student at FIU and I’ve never heard her speak of any discord at the University. Unless, that is, you are referring to Professor Alvarez and his wife being Cuban spies. I’m sure you’ve heard about Carlos and Elsa Alvarez, accused (in 2006) of spying since 1977 for the Cuban government… You know, the ones that practice “bigotry, intolerance and thuggery” every chance they get (spying for Cuba must be very fashionable to leftist. They just arrested Kendal Myers and his wife for spying for Cuba since 1979. Go figure!)

    As to “the way we treat sensible exile voices like Joe Garcia and Jorge Mas Santos” let me ask you my dear fellow… Have you ever heard of FREEDOM of speech? Probably NOT. As to the “sensible exile voices” you refer to, please, please, please, I beg to differ. Joe Garcia and Jorge Mas Santos ONLY care about the almighty dollar and getting rich by doing business with Cuba. They don’t give a flying %&(@ about the Cuban people or about the Cuban-American community.

  9. firefly,

    Very clearly stated, unfortunately assholes like Ricardo won’t accept or admit the truth and resort to fabricate whatever bullshit they feel they should, just to attack and denigrate us.

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