OAS Gives True Honduran Government Ultimatum

Fausta reports:

…following Zelaya’s speech at the UN, Zelaya headed to the OAS, after which the OAS gave Honduras an ultimatum,

The Organization of American States gave Honduras three days Wednesday to restore the deposed president, Manuel Zelaya, or face suspension, as the interim leader of the country defied international condemnation of the coup that led to his appointment and said only force could unseat him.

And she nails it here:

The OAS, which recently voted to let Cuba back in, is talking about principles, and “the importance of strict adherence and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms”? Where the hell is the OAS when it comes to the Ladies in White, their husbands and relatives, and the Cuban political prisoners that Marc Masferrer blogs about, week after week? When has there ever been democracy in Cuba in the past decades?



4 thoughts on “OAS Gives True Honduran Government Ultimatum

  1. @ Twitter:

    BreakingNews Police carried out a controlled explosion after a bomb was found at Radio America in Honduras, local media reports.

  2. I’d meet them at the airport and shoot them …

    @ Twitter:

    BreakingNews Interim foreign minister says Organization of American States mission of four countries will visit Honduras to observe situation after coup.

  3. Val totally agree.
    I’m still boilng over a speech by Insulza, where he calls the new president of Honduras an ilegitamate president, and he’s sitting a few feet away from (r)aul (c)astro!!! I WANT TO KNOW WHEN DID THE cASTROS BECOME LEGITAMATE, & WHO THE HELL VOTED FOR THEM?

    How can one sit there and spew the shit they’re all spewing about democracy and citizens’ rights etc etc and share the table with the teachers, the kings of tyranny, and despots, and human rights violators, WHO HAVE NEVER EVER BEEN ELECTED?!?! Most of the press is crap, the world wide diplomatic community is pure crap, and should all be rounded up and thrown on top of the shit pile in the Pacific Ocean. The Hipocrate Organization of Fu..ed Up American States, that’s how I see it.

    Sorry but these things make me real mad…

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