Sarah Palin Resigns as Alaska’s Governor



Alaskan Governor and 2008 Republican Vice-Presidental Candidate, Sarah Palin, has resigned, effective the end of this month.  She did not give a specific reason for her resignation but did say that she would better serve the people outside of government.  Many are speculating that she wants to concentrate on a 2012 presidental bid and others are speculating that her resignation has something to do with ethics inquiries against her and/or her staff.  Lt. Governor Sean Parnell will take over for her when she leaves office.

Fox News reports:

“She wants to concentrate on doing the things for Alaska and the country” that she is passionate about and can not do as governor with the limitation and constant opposition she deals with within the state.”

I don’t know if I buy the idea of her quitting in order to focus on a presidental run. I don’t think I’m on board with the ethics complaint scare, either.  I never pegged her for a quitter so my guess is that there is something really major behind her decision, but we’ll have to wait to find out in the coming days, if that information is revealed.

At any rate, I wish Governor Palin well.  She’s classy, she’s a lady and she withstood a lot of heat during the campaign that would have caused a lesser woman to crumble.  I’m sure whatever her next step is, she’ll come out on top.

Update (Val): Lots of pundits chiming in that her decision to resign before her term is over has basically ended her political career. And that may be so. But perhaps her resignation is predicated upon the fact that she has a great deal of respect for the office she holds, and believed it better to relinquish same than have her constituents ill-served.

I may be wrong, of course, and this decision may be based on less than noble issues. But one thing is for sure: Andrew Sullivan is frantically scavenging heaven and earth for Viagra.

“Shocking News!” Update: Rick Sanchez, fellow American of Cuban descent, es una lengua’e trapo. Rick, dude, you’re embarrassing the rest of us.



36 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Resigns as Alaska’s Governor

  1. I’m like you; I don’t buy either story. I never pegged her for a quitter, but I’d understand if all the attacks on her and her family came to be too much and she decided it wasn’t worth it.

    Either way, I don’t agree with her decision at all. She should’ve served the remainder of her term unless there is one BIG reason out there not to.

  2. I wonder if the brainless bimbo has finally figured out that Africa is a continent, not a country.
    Maybe she thinks that Cuba is continent and not a country.

  3. You know, I would LOVE to have those who try to portray this woman as an idiot to stand toe-to-toe with her and debate her on ANY given day.

    You gotta be kidding me … You have a man in the Oval Office who has made WORSE gaffes, and CANNOT speak off teleprompter … and has a crazy drunkin’ uncle from the basement as his back-up …

    As to your “Cuba” comment … pure brilliance, seeing as how the man in office now doesn’t see it as an oppressive COMMUNIST country that has been killing its own people for 50 yrs.

    I just love how Palin seems to give some people uncontrollable loose bowels.

    BTW, she’s simply exercising her right ‘not to wear the hijab’ … contrary to Obama’s Cairo speech setting women back centuries.

  4. Brainless bimbo? Just another gutter toetapping Obama followers comment…nothing to see here folks move along…..

  5. Maybe she just got tired of the character assassinations she’s been suffering on a daily basis. Maybe it’s something else. Who knows.

    For what it’s worth, I like her. She was tossed into the limelight probably without warning, and pretty much handled herself with class and dignity.

    Sarah Palin has been scrutinized and debased and subjected to untold indignity in the media like no other political figure in ages. Maybe she just had enough.

    The 2008 Presidential race has been over for months, yet the media barrage on her and her character has continued relentlessly. Were she a Cuban woman, Id think she just decided Esta bueno ya con todos los comemierdas. Que se vallan pa’l carajo.

  6. I agree with Val’s last statement. I would have said that and more months ago, but then, most of us don’t have the fortitude of Sarah Palin. Whether she is telling the whole truth or not, possibly we’ll never know. As for me, I’m mourning an increasingly anemic republican party, one which has consistently edged further to the left for years now, and the very one which has stood by silently as this woman has been publicly and shamelessly disgraced and ripped apart. We all know how the dems would have responded had Sarah been one of theirs.

    It’s going to take a major miracle for there to be anyone of any conservative consequence to step up to the plate. Hopefully, the one good outcome of this event will be that the party will have learned to pull together and back any worthwhile candidates, but I don’t want to get too hopeful. Ahora si estamos jodidos.

  7. I liked her.

    However I fear that there is something damning that she is trying to get out in front of. Let’s hope she doesn’t have a “male friend” in Chile :o)

  8. I would have quit long before. I’m not afraid to admit that I wouldn’t have been able to put up with the sustained, organized, malicious slings and arrows that this woman has had to deal with. I have great respect for her. Watching the media in the bag for Obama and out for blood with Palin will always be a bitter memory for me.

  9. Alley Kat –

    Usually a trickle “up” the leg denotes a person standing on their head …

  10. Jerome –

    I hear ya … As the parent of a DS child I have had the experience of seeing DS children with health issues (usually heart or G.I.)

    Thankfully my daughter was blessed with no health issues. However, I have seen children in her yrs of school who have had major issues …

    NOT SAYING this is what’s going on with Gov. Palin.

    I too am hoping it’s not health related for anyone in her family.

    She has more than handled the personal attacks, but now the ugly monsters have crossed the line and started on her children … the Letterman BS about her daughter(s) … and then this, just incase you missed it, shortly after the Letterman attacks:

    My hypothetical hunch starts here:

    1. she still had a decent amount of time left in her office … handing it over to the LtGov she seems to be on the same track for Alaska with gives him the opportunity to establish himself in the Gov’s seat and run as an ‘incumbent’ in the next election with a decent track record behind him. For her to remain in the Gov office would further been pressured by the constant critics and ethics charges filers … and would weaken the LtGov’s bid in the next election by virtue of a dem opponent using his position in Palin’s office against him (all the negative publicity). Thie way he has what? … a yr and a half to prove himself away from her and be a strong candidate for the rebubs.

    2. this now frees her to travel to many places and speak out (without teleprompter). She is now fairly free to speak her mind without tying her tongue because she is an office holder. People will now see her unreserved

    On a side note, and I hate to visit this … but if I hear one more person complain she’s done because she didn’t finish her term I think I’ll puke. You have SC Sanford who SHOULD resign sliding by …

    Obama was in the US Senate for roughly 140 odd days, and during that time he ran for POTUS and voted present on nearly each vote. he IS ON RECORD SAYING HE WOULD COMPLETE HIS SENATE TERM, AND DIDN’T OBVIOUSLY … but the MSM and chattering-class on TV seem to overlook these points

    Palin, in her time in the Gov’s office of Alaska, did a hell of a lot more, got a hell of a lot done, and actually committed to decisions and positions … not ‘voted’ present.

    I am wondering something else … a couple weeks ago she traveled overseas (not that you would know it from the MSM) to visit with troops in different deployments … and the wounded in the military hospitals in Germany. I wonder if she saw or heard something there that may have nudged her along to this decision …

    BTW, I do not believe, as is being reported, she will leave politics forever … she’s just getting started.

    Oh, and CNN’s Rick “I Killed A Guy, went home in Ted Kennedy fashion, then returned to say I just had a few at home to calm myself so don’t be surprised by the intox test results” Sanchez said today she’s resigned because she’s pregnant … what a used and dirty tool he is.

    Perhaps the good lady will become a “community organizer” in order to then be qualified for the POTUS??

  11. Drillanwr,
    I like your reasoning.
    Everyone complains that she has homework to do if she wants to be president. By helping out her Lt. Governor who will govern as she did, and by taking time off, she now can do just that.
    I adore Palin. I hope that is why she is making her decision. Now when she doesn’t come up pregnant and isn’t under an ethnic cloud, and does show up smart and having done her homework and stays cheerful and wows the crowds and drives the left crazy and is smart and cheerful in handling the mud they will sling because she scares the left senseless – oh, wait, they are already that – when she scares them to pieces, I want to be there to see that.

  12. The KOS wackos are already spreading rumors that the middle 15 yr old Willow daughter is pregnant. I don’t believe it for a second, but they’ll say anything.

    Just like they tried to claim the DS child wasn’t Sarah’s but her daughters.

  13. Per Rick Sanchez, has he ever been outspoken on the issue of Cuba? I don’t think I’ve ever seen him mention it, although I don’t watch CNN much.

  14. Mr. Mojito – Per Rick Sanchez, has he ever been outspoken on the issue of Cuba?

    Doubtful, but I’m sure he’s considering drinking and driving if ever down there …

  15. I think she saw the writing on the wall. She can make a great deal of money on the conservative speaker circuit. She had no chance, thankfully, of winning the presidency. Win win for everybody involved.

  16. George, I was starting to miss you you old crazy coot! It’s Independence Day. I’m thankful that I live in a country where even crazy guys like you are allowed to offer an opinion without fear of arrest or fusilamiento or being committed to the insane asylum. I raise a glass to you.

  17. Gee, George … I knew somebody somewhere was a damn lucky son of a bitch … I’m jealous.

    Sunset here. Folks gathering for the fireworks. I’m here in silent prayer for our Marines in Helmand, one the older brother of my son-in-law … and for atleast 29 Iranians in Iran about to become “Saints” by government mandated hanging for daring to be outspoken and hunger for freedom and liberty. Then there’s Honduras and NoKo …

    The world is on fire and the man with the keys to this nation’s House won’t even piss on it to try to put it out.

    BTW, I’ve yet to hear a rational, intelligent,solid reason why Gov. Sarah Palin is so wrong for this country.

    I swear … some people are the stupid spouse for this government that keeps getting slapped around and raped and yet believing the government ‘loves’ them.

    They ARE the droids we’re looking for … and we need to rid ourselves of them.

  18. Caballero, I’m a crazy enough old coot to ban your obnoxious ass forever from this blog if I wanted to. But not yet, though. Soon. Maybe. Perhaps.

  19. George,
    I may not have expressed it the way you did on caballero but right on. And, drillanwr, yes, yes indeed.

  20. It’s been my experience in life that folks who use monikers such as “Barracuda” or “Pitbull” or something similar are usually the most thin-skinned wussies of them all. All of you are namby-pamby little cowards, just like Sarah Palin is.

  21. “Namby-pamby little cowards.”. Ouch. (Although, IMHO, the use of the phrase namby-pamby doesnt carry the same weight as fucktard) You see George, I’m not that bad.

  22. Palin gives a nice interview in Time:,8599,1908983,00.html

    What I find especially interesting in this article is that Palin blames ‘loopholes’ (her word) in the ‘ethics reform’ that she herself championed (her words) for forcing her out of office. Because these loopholes allow for frivolous ethics complaints to be filed, that cost time and money to defend against.

    But here’s the thing. ANY Governor of Alaska is now open to the exact same line of attack. So has her vaunted ‘ethics reform’ basically made Alaska ungovernable from here on in? Time will tell.

  23. If everyone would stop telling us what to think about Palin and let the American people just read what she says and hear what she says without all of that filtering “analysis”, and let her sink or swim based on her ideas and accomplishments, we would all be better off. Let’s bring back debate of ideas and less character assassination.

    Charles, you missed Palin’s point. The ethics reform is not the problem in Alaska. It is that it costs the accusers nothing and costs the accused time and money that takes away form her ability to govern. And Parnell is not going to be the lightening rod that she is. So it won’t be as much fun to try to bring him down. inhabitants of Alaska know what is going on and I hope that a lot of those in the state houses tying her up in these nonsense charges get their clocks cleaned.
    Oh, for the days when a candidate’s or a public servant’s ideas and accomplishments were what got someone to win or lose.
    Just imagine what it would be like if every time Obama presented a new idea for a new program or a new international behavior, he was charged with ethics violations. Who except political opposites would enjoy that? Obama would have his hands tied and have to spend all of his time and money on just that. Now, some who disagree with him might think that would be fine. But the point is, let Obama sink or swim on his ideas and policies. It isn’t good the way the msm give him a free pass on everything, but it would never be an improvement to go the way of the Alaska dems, either.

    Oh, how I wish the American people could throw away their constant use of “… is stupid” or “crazy” and, instead use real dialogue based on real issues and accomplishments or lack thereof. How refreshing that would be.

  24. It’s seriously time for “loser pays” in this country. For the full-of-crap lawsuits, and these kinds of petty and agende-driven ethics charges. Tort reform for the medical malpractice also.

  25. “It is that it costs the accusers nothing and costs the accused time and money that takes away form her ability to govern.”

    Honey, that was EXACTLY my point. But I think it is too early to say that the same tactics will not be used against Parnell or any other Governor. Every administration has its enemies. I fear that activists in Alaska now have a new tool with which to attack the government, i.e., these loopholes Palin mentioned.

  26. Yes, Charles, but if they start their continuous tactics on Parnell, some more people will smell a rat.

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