Dr. Oscar Biscet: One of Cuba’s Hidden Heroes

Oscar's Cuba

Oscar’s Cuba is a feature-length documentary video that will help spread the message and story of Dr. Oscar Biscet, a prisoner of conscience currently serving a 25-year prison sentence in Cuba for his promotion of human rights.  Oscar’s Cuba will highlight the courage, faith and hope of Dr. Biscet and others working for democracy on the island.  The goals of Oscar’s Cuba include raising public awareness about the plight of the Cuban people, helping individuals to stand and work in solidarity with those unjustly imprisoned and, ultimately, helping to secure the release of Dr. Biscet and all of Cuba’s prisoners of conscience.

 “Here, in this dark jail where they force me to live, I will be resisting until the freedom of my people is obtained.” ~Dr. Oscar Biscet~

Scheduled for a fall release, this documentary is a powerful indictment against the oppressive Castro regime. Check out the official website, and view the trailer here.



8 thoughts on “Dr. Oscar Biscet: One of Cuba’s Hidden Heroes

  1. Great post….i have cross linked it.

    BTW, have you guys been following my Honduras coverage???

    The made our family friend, FM Ortez Colindres resign over some faux outrage regarding Obama….I am in the process of denouncing Amb Llorens who led that charade.

    This is like Earl T Smith under Batista, “The Fourth Floor”, all over again with the State Dept imposing a communist dictador upon a country which has rejected socialism and tyranny!

  2. I’m looking forward to this.

    I hope it has a high production value and possibly even a minor theatrical release in South Florida.

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