Ernest Hemingway=KGB Agent

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Papa and Friend

Vassiliev, a professional journalist, claims that the 42-year-old Hemingway was recruited under the cover name “Argo” in 1941 and cooperated with Soviet agents whom he met in Havana and London.

whole thing here.

“”Castro’s revolution is very pure and beautiful…. I’m encouraged by it.” gushed Hemingway in 1960–shortly before he hightailed it out of Cuba and Castro stole his every belonging.

Not that Ernest didn’t have plenty of hoity-toity company in this respect, from Miguel Angel Quevedo (Revista Bohemia) to Pepin Bosch (Bacardi) to Julio Lobo (Cuba’s richest sugar Baron) to Carlos Prio.




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  1. OK, I’ve got to jump in on this. So Hemingway was besotted by Fidel in 1960. So what? I distinctly remember that the entire population of Cuba was salivating every time that his picture was shown in the papers or on TV. Almost all Cubans in 1960 were lined up to kiss his ass. It wouldn’t be until a year later that a lot of Cubans would finally realize what was going up.

    Now, as far as his being a KGB agent . . . mmmmm . . . I don’t know about that. I do know that during WW II everyone in the West was pro-Russian because of the war (and because of ignorance).

  2. This won’t hurt his legacy because in the 1940’s the U.S. was allied with Stalin themselves.

    For Whom the Bell Tolls is still one of my favorite novels of all time.

    It’s a shame it might have been written by a KGB man.

  3. I’ve read mixed things on Hemingway with relation to the Cuban revolution.

    It is true that he went fishing with Fidel Castro & Che Guevara on a boat (where the above pic was taken).

    However I also read somewhere that Che invited him to La Cabana once and that he was horrified by the firing squads he saw there and wanted off the island.

    Anyone have more to add on Hemingway and the Cuban revolution?

  4. Count: I’m not a fan of Stephen King, but many of the books I read employ a clever device called “sarcasm”. I guess I should have spelled it out.

  5. In fact, Mojito, Hemingway was a frequent guest of Guevara for the vicarious thrill of paredon watching.

    It was George Plimpton, invited by Hemingway himself to one such spectacle, who bugged out in horror and disgust. Recalling the incident Plimpton ( a dyed-in-the wool liberal) refused to allow his magazine Paris Review, to publish Che’s diaries.

  6. Thanks Humberto,

    I am genuinely interested in knowing more about Hemingway’s “post-revolution” time in Cuba. Are there any books out there that would expand on the short mention in the article?

    For instance, how did Hemingway come to be a watcher of “fuego’s” at El Paredon with Che? Did Hemingway ever lose support for the executions as nearly everyone did? Was he a sadist who enjoyed the bloodbath, or scared himself to deft ‘El Comandante’ lest he join the others against the wall?

    … You would think that after Hemingway’s disillusioning experience in the Spanish civil war that he would have understood the danger of “armed idealism”.

  7. Unlike, Dos Passos, Orwell, Spender, etc. Hemingway was NOT disillusioned by the Spanish Civil War in the slightest. His only regret was that Franco won.

    He kept reciting the Soviet party-line on that war till his suicide.

  8. How do these things go by the wayside with no one knowing about them? It might have dulled his popularity at one time. But around now this would make him a hero so much has the tide turned in favor of insanity it seems.

  9. Humberto, I see your point. So do you have any book recommendations? Suggested reading links?

    How did Hemingway and the Barbudos link up? & later unlink? etc

  10. If memory serves, after Hemingway wrote For Whom the Bell Tolls, the Communists were upset with him.

    Again, I repeat: in 1960, almost all Cubans were salivating everytime that Fidel’s name or picture came up and lined up to kiss his ass. So maybe Hemingway did the same. It’s a good thing that he died when he did, shortly afterwards.

    As for watching paredon, let me say that when the time comes to have the Communists (and their families) lined up against the wall and shot, I hope to be right up there in the front row, with a drink on one hand and popcorn on the other. Sweeeeeet.

  11. Count,

    In 1959 the population of Cuba was 6 million.

    Though many (mostly students, academia, the press, the upper middle class and the very wealthy)were blinded by fidel and his “compañeros,” the large majority of Cubans were completely indiferent about politics. They went through their daily lives thinking “this too shall pass.” Well, it didn’t and here we are.

    That’s why to me nothing is new with Obama. I’ve already seen that picture.

  12. “My mother met him in Cuba and said he was a drunk.”


    My father saw him once too, passed out (drunk as a skunk), his head resting on the bar counter, at the famous Bodeguita del Medio in Havana.

  13. firefly,

    Fidel castro got to power in Cuba because the people believed his lies (very much like so many Americans believe the Messiah’s bullshit today.

    The people in Cuba never thought that Cuba could become Communist, plus Cuba was part of the Soviet Union global plan to establish the first Communist government in Latin-America. Actually this plan was started in the 1920s when the Cuban Communist Party was founded.

    Fidel Castro’s revolution was financed by many wealthy Cubans that later found themselves screwed when Castro stoled everything they owned. They learned the lesson of their lifetime with the “Rebolution”.

    Had the Cuban people suspected for a minute what Fidel Castro’s master plan for Cuba would be, he would not reached power because the very same people that had the means to finance him would not have done so.

    Moreover someone would have killed him along the way.

    The Cuban Revolution by Fidel Castro was built on a foundation of lies that has taught the majority of Cuban-Americans not to fall for bullshit acts like the one the American people voted to office last November.

    Althought I must admit the many Cuban-Americans voted for Obama last November (how ironic, I guess those did not learn the lesson).

  14. Freedom,
    It is never easy to predict what will catch the public’s imagination. With all that we could learn from what communism promised and never delivered all through history, there are still so many who swallow the Kool Aid. Of course each has his reasons.

    Worry about the Supreme Court overturning Roe V. Wade is a major cause of liberals in this country willing to follow anyone as long as that ruling is not overturned. They will rationalize anything and elect anybody to protect that. For all of the pro lifers we have had in power here, it escapes these liberals’ notice that Roe is still in place. Their fear forced them to demonize Bush to the max. Their fear of the court’s going to the right caused them to pin all their hopes and dreams on Obama. It didn’t matter that he consorted with people whose goal was to destroy this country. So besotted are they that even as Obama is destroying this country, and freedom all over, rapidly, they make excuses and still proclaim their admiration for him. Evidence is a mere distraction to their worship.

    For the other side, so much was the disillusion about those rinos and Bush and McCain taking on left thoughts and policies whether for personal power or convictions, that they figured Obama couldn’t be that bad. Those are the ones who get the question, how’s that Obama vote working out for you now? They are still pundits and best selling authors and have yet to pay a price for their bad judgment and advice while we are suffering under the results of it.

    Obama so far conducts the revolution with the velvet glove. His numbers are getting worse – whoopee. But do we have the power to stop him in time? I am not so sure.

    My fear is great as I have expressed it so often on this site. Today’s NYTimes magazine has a long “analysis” of the new hope for the conservatives in Britain. Like all of their political articles, it makes all the wrong assumptions and comes to conclusions for wrong reasons as it quotes people like “conservative “commentator David Brooks. The public gets a lot of its news canned and produced by people whose prejudices don’t match mine. Most people are not political animals and follow what they are told by these “experts”.
    What to do? Let’s hope the tea party movement works. Let’s hope that more and better candidates for our side show up and get elected. Go Toomey! Go Rubio! And hell, go Palin!
    I hope we can stop this crap in time.

  15. Freedom,
    You stated that “Fidel Castro got into power because people belived his lies.” Wrong. The bastard (literally) got into power at the point of a gun, and the reason that he did so was because Batista and Masferrer and the like were a bunch of murdering bastards who were looting the country. We all took it for granted that the Revolution would end up in a democracy, but the bastard outmaneuvered everyone. If there had been no Batista, Masferrer and the other gangsters, there would be no Castro and no Communism and no starvation. Thanks a lot, Fulgencio, you piece of shit roasting in hell!

  16. CountNomis,

    1. For the record Fidel Castro lied to the Cuban people regarding the goals for his revolution (that’s why so many people supported him and fought with him), it is a matter of record and can be easily researched. Humberto Fontova is a great source (of the many Cuban-American sources available) on this issue.

    2. Honestly Batista or Masferrer were not as corrupt and murderous as they have been portrayed by the US media.

    The truth is that neither Batista nor Masferrer owned Cuba they way Fidel Castro does today and for every Cuban killed by those two Castro has easily killed ten or more plus over twenty percent of the population have left the island because of Fidel Castro’s regime.

    Plus Batista respected private ownership and the country greatly prospered under his rule (unlike under Fidel Castro).

    Actually Masferrer and his gang fought Castro’s rebels with ferocious tenacity and that’s why Castro feared him and had him killed here in Miami in the 1970s.

    The truth is that Fidel Castro stole the whole country and killed anyone who has been a treat to him. Batista and his cronies don’t come even close and if Batista was the monster that the American press has portrayed for years, Castro would not gotten to power because Batista would have surely killed him.

    Batista wanted to be a dictator and a politician (and that’s why he failed), Castro is a ruthless dictator that has killed and imprisoned even those close allies who helped him get to power.

    Afterwards he proceeded to destroy Cuba, its people, its traditions and its culture. Batista for all his faults would have never dared to do that because he was not that evil (not even close).

    The only one that deserves to burn in hell is Fidel Castro for what he has done to Cuba (and maybe a few others that supported him, Batista was just stupid for allowing Castro to get to power).

    The biggest misconception many Americans like you get about Batista and his cronies are due to the American media who was partly responsible for Castro’s ascent to power and still is responsible for supporting the Castro dictatorship.

    You talk to the Cuban elders that witnessed Cuban history in the 1950s and a much different picture emerges.

    Trust me when I tell you that you have not gotten the true picture about Batista and his cronies.

  17. Thank you Freedom for Cuba for your comments. Everything that you say is true, I have many historical papers that prove what you and Humberto are saying about Batista. Batista knew he no longer had the support of the State Department and was ready to hand of power to the new president, but he never got that chance because of that bastard Castro! The writer Herb Matthews for the NY Times wrote about Castro, as if he were Robin Hood himself, but what he really is, is just another Hitler. We, the State Department, made a mistake and making Batista look bad is a way to hide their grave error!

  18. I have no doubt that Fidel is headed for hell (if there is one).

    However, I also think that Batista might be joining him. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. One can really hate Fidel and also hate Batista.

    Batista I believe is also partly at fault for
    1. Releasing Castro from prison
    2. Fleeing Cuba in her biggest time of need after Santa Clara, with millions $ of his own graft
    3. The 1952 coup which violated the constitution

    Fidel has lied, and killed more people than Batista … but as Cubans we should not let our rightful hate for Fidel, blind us of the lesser faults of Batista. I may be in the minority on the site on this, but I believe that my position is the one of Marti.

  19. An additional issue that I think is relevant is that Batista got carried away in the desire to develop Havana and thus let some of the unsavory mafia goons get to much sway and power. Hell they even banned him as a mulatto from their casinos.

    Cuba should not be in the hands of Communist dictators or greasy mobsters who don’t care about the liberty and freedom of her people. Cuba needs and needed a representative republic built on the constitutional rule of law and respect for individual rights (property being one of the most important).

    Batista respected property rights, but unfortunately violated other rights related to life and liberty. I don’t think Batista killed the commonly reported number of 20,000 Cubans, but I’m sure it was at least a thousand or two … this made it easier for Charlatan Fidel to swoop in as savior and now violate ALL of them.

  20. Mr. Mojito,

    I fully understand your point of view of view. I was trying to point to CountNomis who might not have the full picture about Batista (and truly is not his fault).

    The truth is that the American media has painted Batista the greater evil when compared with Fidel Castro.

    Yes Batista made many mistakes and murdered people and committed many sins, no doubt about it. As you pointed out the biggest mistake he made was to facilitate Castro’s arrival to power.

    The truth probably lies in the fact that no one in Cuba (including Batista himself) ever imagined how much Fidel Castro once in power was going to change and destroy the whole country.

  21. Freedom,
    The truth probably lies in the fact that no one in Cuba…ever imagined how much Fidel once in power was going to change and destroy the whole country.”
    Hmmm, gee why does that sound so familiar?
    And Osama is still not caught.

  22. Relax CountNomis, and stop calling people names.

    There are lots of issues that you don’t know regarding Batista and Masferrer that have not been accurately portrayed by the American media.

    This is a fact and like I said I don’t fault you for it but don’t call us assholes for defending Batista and Masferrer when you don’t have an accurate picture (as most Americans don’t) as what happened in Cuba before 1959.

    We not defending anyone here, we’re only explaining certain inaccuracies that have lingered for fifty years regarding Fulgencio Batista and Rolando Masferrer.

    Now if you not willing to try to understand what I’m trying to explain to you that is another story and I have a repertoire of names that I could throw at you but I’m not going to sink to your level of ignorance.

    My best and sincere suggestion to you is to go and do the right research as I suggested several posts ago; then get back to us.

    Cuban history before 1959 was not as simple as the American media portraits it and the more accurate you get the facts the more bewildered you’ll be on how little did you know regarding how Fidel Castro got to power.

  23. I just want to remind everyone that back in the 1950’s, the mob was everywhere, not just in Cuba. People back then loved to gamble and from what I understand Batista’s love to play the numbers. When we talk about the mob in Cuba, we shouldn’t forget that they ran Las Vegas too.

  24. Simpatica–

    I’ve made the same argument whenever one of these asswipe totalitarian worshippers praises the Communists. At this moment, we have the Mafia in New York and New Jersey. Does that mean that we should have a dictatorship, censorship, executions, indoctrination and starvation?

  25. Freedom-

    I don’t know why you think that I get my information from the American media. I was in Cuba. My relatives were and are in Cuba. But to get back to those gangsters: Masferrer and Batista and their followers WERE thieves and murderers. If it wasn’t for those sonsofabitches, we wouldn’t have the Communists in Cuba. Period. You can attempt to whitewash as much as you like and, like you say, throw names at me (whatever that means), but it doesn’t alter reality. Now, as to insults: I’ll stick to my guns. Anyone who tries to defend or whitewash those gangsters IS an asshole, just like any cocksucker that defends the Communists is an asswipe that needs to have a debate with a couple of good friends of mine, Mister Smith and Herr Wesson. Sorry if this offends anyone, but there are certain axiomatic ethical and moral principles that should not even be doubted. (And what can I say about my style of argument? I’m Cuban!)

  26. First of all – it’s nice to be commenting again. I’ve been absent the past few weeks due to a new job – more on that later.

    Anyhow, this post struck a chord with me. Allow me to explain.

    My great-grandfather became friends with Hemingway during the filming of the “Old Man and the Sea” in Havana. Considering the fact that he was a devout anti-communist, I can’t imagine him hanging around with someone of that ilk. No one in my family I’ve ever spoken with about Hemingway ever categorized him as a Castro-lover. In the very beginning he (Hemingway) had a brief meeting with Fidel during that fishing tournament but that was about it regarding their contact. If you read through his journals, the entries written shortly before his suicide, Hemingway actually lamented what Cuba had become. It broke his heart.

    I can tell you that my grandmother and mother still have only positive things to say about him.

    It could be that at the outset of the revolution, he was suckered in by Fidel just like a lot of folks, but those feelings certainly didn’t last long.



  27. CountNomis,

    You are the asshole if you think that we’re whitewashing anything.

    We’re aware that the previous regime facilitated Castro’s arrival and they committed many sins. I also stick to my guns that Batista and Masferrer were not as evil as Fidel Castro and co.

    I’m glad you’re finally showing your true colors as I remember when you first posted on this blog you claimed that you were an American and did not know anything that was going on in Florida and started attacking us from the very beginning.

    For someone who claims to possess high ethical and moral principles you seem to have a problem with telling the truth of who you are to us.

    Remember that many of us have been reading your posts from the very beginning and now you change your tune on who you claim you’re.

    You see when you talk too much you forget what you said and eventually your words come back to haunt you.

    Now I don’t know who you really are and what kind of bullshit you’re up to or if you are one of the many Castro trolls that navigates the web.

    Trust me, the rest of the readers on this blog are beginning to get a hint who’s the real asshole and cocksucker.

    You can fool some of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time and you are no longer fooling anyone here with your diatribes.

  28. Count Nomis,

    Ive a very short temper today, so I’m gong to keep it concise:

    No one here is defending Batista. And yes, without a batista there would never have been a fidel castro.

    Now, that said and notwithstanding, what the fuck is your point?

  29. Freedom-

    I never, ever, claimed to be American. You made it up. Perhaps you thought so because I mentioned that I had the misfortune of living in Texas. Now, whatever you mean about I am “finally showing my true colors,” I think you may be color blind.
    I never, ever, claimed that Batista and his cohorts were the equivalent of Castro and his minions. To state the obvious, the latter are infinitely more evil. That goes without saying.
    Batista and Masferrer and their fellow rats were still thieves and murderers.

  30. Val-

    Unless I am grossly misreading what he has written, Freedom IS defending Batista, OK? Not you.
    That is my point.

  31. “I’m in Texas, the armpit of the country, so I’m not acquainted or interested in Florida politics”

    “Are you guys really that senile? I never claimed to “know what is going on in Cuba today”

    “I don’t know why you think that I get my information from the American media. I was in Cuba. My relatives were and are in Cuba.”

    Well, well, well, these are your words above.

    I second Val,

    What the fuck is your point?

    I was not defending Batista, I was merely explaining that he was not the monster that he has been portrayed by the American media.

    To add to my point I had a dear friend, nice humble, honest individual that passed away several years ago that worked at the Presidential Palace for many years (and several Cuban Presidents) and new Batista very well (by the way he was next to Batista in the second story bedroom the day the palace was attacked, while the fighting was taking place in the first floor).

    This individual witnessed Cuban history through different Presidents in ways that you and I never had and he told me a few stories.

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