Former Allende Minister Hails Fidel, Scolds Micheletti

“One of the great sources of legitimacy for the Cuban regime is Fidel Castro. And I state this with great respect and admiration for this person”

Amigos, I quote the the Sec. General of the OAS, Jose Miguel Insulza, former official of Salvador Allende’s (Stalinist wannabe) regime who cannot see fit to include Micheletti’s ANTISEPTICALLY CONSTITUTIONAL Honduran administration in the OAS.


OK..hang tough…’goin ‘fishin tomorrow. Will check in later in the week-end.



6 thoughts on “Former Allende Minister Hails Fidel, Scolds Micheletti

  1. jose miguel insulza,owes his position as Sec. General of the OAS, to none other than hugo chavez. chavez greased a lot of hands for his vote.

    Since elected to his position, insulza has done everything asked of him by chavez. So why are we surprised now? The man is a WHORE and chavez is his PIMP. What does that make Obama, raul castro, oscar arias, daniel ortega, kirchner and the MSM?

  2. Now lets see how Obama kills democracy in the Honduras. Castro says the the democratic removal of the president in the Honduras is a threat to other governments (such as his).
    A strong US president who was concerned with freedom and democracy would have applauded the actions in the Honduras and we could have seen an end of the leftist regimes in Latin America. But even castro knows how to play Obama. He said that if Obama doesn’t support the leftist regimes his “reputation” would be damaged.(see Granma article if you have the stomach for it)
    And we all know Obama doesn’t want that.
    A support of the actions in the Honduras could have been just what the Cubans on the island needed to hear. I wonder how many of you dopes who claim to be Cuban and voted for Obama feel now that you know that you are responsible for the extension of the Castro regime.

  3. Insulza is a total tool, bought and paid for. The South American situation is so twisted and perverse that he doesn’t even have to pretend otherwise. He knows nobody that matters will call him on it. He’s just doing business as usual.

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