Leading Cuban dissidents Dr. Darsi Ferrer and wife arrested

6a00d8341c54f053ef011571f1a250970b-800wiHuman Rights in Cuba?  No, nada.

And for those who dare challenge the state, this is the result, via Marc at Uncommon Sense, and Francisco at Mambí en Acción:

The whereabouts of Cuban husband-and-wife human rights activists Dr. Darsi Ferrer and Yusnaymi Jorge Soca were unknown Friday, a day after they were arrested at their home in Havana, according to a report from independent journalist Roberto de Jesús Guerra Pérez. The arrests came a day before Ferrer had planned to lead a demonstration along the seafront Malecon in the capital.

“A soldier dressed in olive green and two officers from the National Revolutionary Police came in a patrol car to their house and told Darsi they were there to search the house, which he resisted. Minutes later, they took him with my sister,” said Ferrer’s brother-in-law..

Message to the dictator:  What happened to the new Cuba, the one promoted when you signed those UN Articles of Human Rights conventions? Liars!   Is your grasp on power so weak  that you cannot tolerate a stroll along the Malecón?

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8 thoughts on “Leading Cuban dissidents Dr. Darsi Ferrer and wife arrested

  1. That’s probably just Miami Mafia propaganda. The mainstream media [with the NY Times leading the pack] said that Raul was a great reformer. And they don’t lie!

    Don’t Cubans now have the right to own plasma TV’s they can’t afford, cell phones without service and computers without Internet? Also, they can stay at a hotel if they save 20 years worth of salary!

    No, that’s a lie. On top of that all dissidents are on the CIA payroll getting money from the US Interest Section in Havana.

    I searched the NY Times today. As you know, their motto is, “all the news that’s worth to print,” and they didn’t mention a word, instead they had a piece about the New York Philharmonic being invited to perform in Cuba.

    Would the NYT’s publish a fluff piece about the philharmonic instead of a hard hitting story like the arrest of a dissident if it were true? PURE PROPAGANDA AND EXILE LIES. That’s all it is.

  2. This is not good news on the arrest of Dr. Darsi Ferrer and his wife Yusnaymi Jorge Soca.
    Cubans in all parts of the world should contact the offices of the Human Rights Commission at the United Nations and advocate in favor of this couple. We should also be concerned about there child, Darielito. Lets not forget the attempth on the life of this child several years ago by Castro represive agents.

  3. Henry,

    They’ll just be wasting their time.

    The Human Rights Commission is a SOCIALIST organization. They are more concerned about U.S. treatment of terrorists in Guantanamo than what goes on in the rest of Cuba.

  4. Sadly this will be ignored by the MSM and probably even Fox News/talk radio.

    Cuban plight doesn’t make for ratings I guess … ah well, back to Wacko Jacko 24 hour coverage.

  5. I think it shows the insecurity the regime is feeling these days, they can’t allow any groups to gather at night and certainly they have gone back to repress those Cubans that have foreign friends.
    In a letter to Hugo Chavez allegedly from Fidel , he said to Hugo if we lose Honduras to the Coup we will lose all of central America to Dissidents.
    I bet ya Raul is sleeping with one eye open and Fidel if still alive he should be not sleeping at all,IMO

  6. I hope you are right Wajiro.

    However 50 years can make one cynical. So many times over the years I have thought for sure that the regime was on it’s last leg – and yet it has gotten stronger. I am afraid that if the Special Period didn’t topple it, I’m not sure anything INTERNALLY can. The aid must come EXTERNALLY – but that becomes hard because the U.S. protects their “enemy” to the south.

  7. Wajiro, Is there a way to produce this alleged letter from Castor to Chavez? If it doesn’t exist, it should. Because I believe this Honduras situation is pivotal to which way the world goes. I wish it could be a Saturday Night Live sketch to hammer this point home.

    It is ironic that Mr. Mojito says the aid must come from outside when so many here have said the revolution has to come from within Cuba.

  8. Too bad Dr. Ferrer looks even less black than Obama. I’m afraid that’s just not black enough for the likes of the Congressional Black Caucus.

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