Update on Dr. Darsi Ferrer and his family

Via our friend George, posted at The Real Cuba:

I was able to speak with Dr. Darsi Ferrer

July 12 – I was able to reach Dr. Darsi Ferrer this afternoon. He was in Pinar del Rio because a younger brother, who has been in jail for 3 years for political reasons, had a visit scheduled for today. It was the first time in the last 3 years that Darsi has been able to see him.

He told me about the brutal aggression that he and his wife suffered on Thursday.

Around noon on that day, about 8 thugs from State Security went to his house and took him and his wife to a police station.

After being there for about eight hours, they were told that they could leave.

They refused to leave the station because they said that on previous occasions they have been arrested for a few hours and when they go back home they find that the police has stolen many of their possessions.

They wanted to have someone of authority to tell them why were they arrested and what were the charges, since all they wanted to do was to take a walk on the Malecon with several friends.

Darsi said that he lied on the floor and grabbed the leg of one of the desks and refused to move. A group of about five thugs jumped on him and started kicking and beating him.

One of them grabbed Darsi by the neck and almost strangled him. He only let go when Darsi’s wife jumped on his back and began to yell hysterically to let him go.

After they finally left the police station, they went directly to a hospital where a doctor certified the injuries that both of them had received from “these animals,” as Darsi described them.

When they finally got home, past midnight, they found that the police had broken the front door of their house and also, believe it or not, had stolen two of their windows!

They also stole some iron bars that he was planning to use to make his front home more secure.

Darsi plans to return to Havana tonight.

He has photos of everything and has made several copies to make sure that he can get them to me, even if the police confiscate the ones he has.

When I get them, I will publish them and send them to every news outlet, national and international that I can think of.

The world needs to know the brutality of the Stalinist regime in Cuba.

They can continue to ignore it, but they will not be able to say later that they didn’t know what was going on.

Thank God they are okay for now, and I concur; let it be on the record that they refused to acknowledge or take any action to help Dr. Ferrer and his wife.  Just as they have chosen to ignore the plight of the Cuban people for FIFTY YEARS!



3 thoughts on “Update on Dr. Darsi Ferrer and his family

  1. “The world needs to know the brutality of the Stalinist regime in Cuba.”

    The world knows that PERFECTLY well already. It simply doesn’t give a shit, and never will, no matter what evidence is put before it. If you don’t believe me, ask that presumed bastion of journalistic greatness, the New York Times.

  2. i HAVE VIEWED MANY IMAGES OF DR. FERRER AND HIS WIFE BEING DRAG AMD BEATEN BY CASTRO POLICE GOONS AND LOW LIFE VULGAR SUPPORTERS. I have seen this on vidios and camara shots smuggled out of Cuba. I agree with ASOMBRA….”the world knows perfectly well already”
    This is why we need to keep alive the reality of Cuba by speaking out every opportunity that we have.
    AND…we need to stand with dissidents inside Cuba by giving them a hand. There are many ways we can do this.

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