Micheletti’s not kow-towing to Yankee bullying–SEND IN THE MARINES!!

“Zelaya’s supporters are lobbying for the suspension of a trade agreement between the United States and Honduras, curbs on remittances sent home by Honduran workers in the United States,….
“The goal is to get Micheletti to agree to the seven-point plan, the threat must be stated very explicitly, now,” said Julia Sweig a senior Latin America analyst at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington.

Entire amazing thing here.

I’ve always heard that curtailing remittances “hurts the people” and “divides families” and atrophies any “hope of dialogue”??!!!

Come on people now, smile on your (Honduran) Brother…everybody get together, try to love one ‘nother right now…right now….

Outrageously Unreal



5 thoughts on “Micheletti’s not kow-towing to Yankee bullying–SEND IN THE MARINES!!

  1. What is even worse is that Hugo Llorens the “US Ambassador”, a Cuban American, in Tegu is an agent of the Venezuelan regime and a Zelaya sycophant.

    He is threatening people left and right with American troops and pulling visas from Micheletti supporters, particularly in the business sector and even former Pres. Carlos Flores Facusse.

    He is a rogue ambassador.

    He engendered a situation with my friend, Dr. Enrique Ortez Colindres, the FM and later Justice Minister under Micheletti in order for him to resign because Ortez Colindres was a fierce anti-communist and enemy of Zelaya!

    I denounced him in a letter is I sent to the US Embassy and last evening I posted more information, wherein I directly accused him of being a traitor and a thug.

    I have it upon good information that he is a scuba diving partner of Zelaya in Cayo Cochinos, that he has engaged with Zelaya in bachanal sex parties in a country home in Valle de Angeles (the owner of which is the Emb. to PRC, the mother of the Honduran Consul to Miami), etc.

    Just today the Herald reported and I was cited in passing by Ortez Colindres in his morning interview that he is on the verge of being, rightly, declared “persona non grata”.

  2. This is the same Julia Sweig that slobbers all over the Castro dictatorship. It really is an upsidedown world we’re living in, or, as you say Humberto, UNREAL!

  3. Julia Sweig is the biggest hypocrite on the face of the earth. A Cuban friend of mine is reading her latest book on Cuba, “Cuba: What Everyone Needs to Know,” and he says that it is so biased, so slanderous, so unscholarly with nothing more than outright lies, unsubstantiated statements and outright propaganda that he can’t even sleep at night after he reads it.

  4. Antonio,

    That’s a great review of Sweig’s first book. The Valladares opinion piece is also good. It boggles that mind that its always the nefarious, blatantly pro-castro types like Sweig that become the Cuba experts sorted after for guidance on Cuba by the mainstream media and even the US government. I guess Sweig has taken over the role that formerly belonged to non-other than Wayne Smith.

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