Um…Yeah sure…Good morning

Woke up this morning exactly like I have been for some time now, hoping, wishing, praying that I have finally woken from The Nightmare. (I’ve been living with it for so long that I give it the respect it’s due and elevate it to proper noun status.) As always though, my morning ritual of hope is fleeting and short lived.

“Yes, Val,” I say to myself. “You are still in the paradox. Still living in that evil parallel reality.”

In today’s episode of The Nightmare we are still living in a world where:

– fidel castro may or may not still be alive. And questions of his “aliveness” are a moot point as, really, no one cares and the MSM – the arbiters of truth and justice and integrity! – still sits idly by, terrified of covering the ugly truth that is castros’ Cuba lest they lose their front row seat when the official announcement of the death that millions await is made.

– Some Americans want to trade and travel to the very same country my family was forced to flee, with the very same government that incarcerated my father, the same government that beat him relentlessly and without prejudice, that for more than two years, while my father was enslaved, that same government tortured my mother and older sister psychologically and when that government realized my father would not break and finally gave him his release and his exit papers, usurped everything they had ever worked for: The home we lived in, every piece of furniture, every decoration, every morsel of food, every memento, every letter, every photograph…everything. I am told my mother was a beautiful bride, and Im sure she was, but Ill never see a single photograph of that day as she was forced to burn all of our pictures before we became gusanos.

– The present administration of the United States of America, a country supposedly the bastion of freedom and democracy, supports socialists and communists and populists the likes of Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega, Manuel Zelaya, who are hell bent on usurping the rights of their own people so that they may remain in power indefinitely, like the untouchable man in Cuba who made my family suffer for decades.

– Organizations chartered to be overseers of the human and civil rights of all people, and once considered, truly, great hopes for a peaceful, free mankind, are rife with dictators and despots. Where murderers and genocidal maniacs sit in positions of prominence.

– My government proactively works to destroy the greatest country in the history of mankind without concern, without prejudice and without compunction. The greatest and most successful ideological and political experiment of all time on the brink of absolute destruction at the hands of a cursory few whose actions are based on idiocy and whose mistakes are shielded by arrogance and prevarication.

There is much more to today’s episode of The Nightmare, and I’d like to record it all here, but, alas, I cannot. Right now I have to, unfortunately, continue to live it.



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  1. Sadly, it’s not a “cursory few.” Every lousy, dangerous politician in Washington was elected and, often, re-elected, by LOTS of people. No doubt there’s very serious stupidity afoot, but that’s not the only reason. I’m afraid there are worse ones. The misinforming media and other false bastions of truth and righteousness, like our higher educational system, are a huge part of the problem (not to mention the hopelessly twisted entertainment business). Yes, it’s a nightmare, all right.

  2. Hang in there Val, because I think this is only the tip of the shitberg.

    Also I’d be interested in your father’s story if you’d be interested in telling it.

  3. One of my favorite TV shows as a kid was the original “Star Trek.” I remember episodes where they would find themselves in familiar surroundings only everything was reversed. That’s how I feel, only I can’t say “Beam me up, Scotty.”

  4. Ay, Val, tell me about it… I feel the same way and I haven’t gone through (I think) half of what you’ve had… to borrow Humberto’s term, this is just unreal. Sometimes I feel I am surrounded by people who are totally doped and don’t see or don’t want to see what’s going on around us.

    Fortunately, in this wild wild west, from time to time, there is a lone ranger that brings me a little bit of hope. But some days is like a never-ending wait…

  5. I saw a film recently that sums up EXACTLY how I feel (I would imagine many of you would say the same).

    If you haven’t seen it PLEASE DO …

    It’s called “The Invasion” starring Nicole Kidman.

    At this point, the film could be called a DOCUMENTARY !

  6. The Nightmare 2x ! My parents lost everything in Cuba when they made a dash for freedom, and at 54 my father became a Medical Doctor for a 2nd time, after 40 years of sacrifice and hard work shortly after retiring my dad suffered a stroke, they were removed from their home without the benefit of a court order and their wealth confiscated under the guise of a guardianship! It took us 5 years in court and $500,000 in legal fees before we were able to prove to the courts that they had family who loved them and wanted to take care of them the Latin way and did not belong in a nursing home, but no before me dad died because of the stress of the situation, my mother was finally freed from the shackles of tyranny and greed and now resides in another country but not before the moochers who make a living off other peoples blood and sweat had ramsacked their estate, let this serve as a warning to others ! The Nightmare could just be beginning!

  7. The Bard comforts in times of madness. From Macbeth:

    Bleed, bleed, poor country!
    Great tyranny, lay thou thy basis sure,
    For goodness dares not check thee! wear thou
    thy wrongs;
    The title is affeer’d! Pare thee well, lord:
    I would not, be the villain that thou think’st
    For the whole space that’s in the tyrant’s grasp,
    And the rich East to boot.

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