7 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Honduran government to Chavez: Buhbye!

  1. Yes, but a spokesperson for the Venezuelan government (read dictatorship), stated that they do not recognize Mr. Micheletti’s government and all Venezuelan diplomats (read communist agitators), will remain in place.
    Get the latest direct from Honduras at http://www.laprensa.hn

  2. If I were the Venezuelan diplomats in Tegus I would not want to overplay their hands with false bravado.

    The day of Mel “SolaVaya” Zelaya’s ouster the ambassador was roughed up on a road…the constitutional government of Roberto Micheletti Bain is not going to play games with them.

    Que se vayan de Honduras along with “US Amb.” Llorens, an agent of the Chavez regime and Mel’s BFF.

  3. Monkey boy says his people are not going to follow the directives of an ilegitamate government. He’s ordered his people to stay in Honduras and ignore the “get-out” order by the Micheletti administration.

  4. Honduras needs to be careful … the Leftists are just chomping at the bit for a reason to invade – and Obama will sit idly by.

  5. Mr. Mojito;

    They shouldn’t be afraid of invasion. If they invade, it’d be from Nicaragua, and the Nicaraguan Army can’t conquer Honduras, and attacking Honduras would be a PR disaster for the leftist coalition. They seem to be relying on psychological operations to win, not on the actual thing.

    (They only military danger for Honduras would be if the US refused to supply them. The US, sadly, has been known to do that king of thing to its friends.)

  6. Mo; good point, but I can assure you that Chavez and gang will go in no matter what. All they need is the go-ahead from Zelaya. And even if Zelaya says no, I sense that Chavez, Castro, and Ortega will create internal problems for the current and follow-on Honduran government.

    You’re also correct about the US role, we’re sitting around watching this, knowing what Zelaya and Chavez had/have in mind, but do nothing. In fact, we may end up putting the nail in the Michelleti government’s coffin by strangling them with sanctions. It is incredibly sad and infuriating. Lets hope Honduras remains strong and that Zelaya chickens-out.

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