Hollywood is still Hollywood

Robert Duval 2002:

In a CBS “60 Minutes II” interview the Oscar-winning performer (Robert Duval) sharply criticized filmmaker Steven Spielberg for visiting Cuba in November 2002.

“That’s very presumptuous of him (Spielberg)to go there,” Duvall told Charlie Rose.

Robert Duval 2009:

Duval — who like Murray was making his first trip to the island — said he was looking forward to getting a taste of authentic Cuban music, including Mambo. “Hopefully we can go out and see some of the guys dance danzon,” he said.

So now I agree with Mikey Corleone; “You’re OUT, Tom!”

And with Jack Woltz: “You don’t understand. Johnny Fontaine never gets that movie… She threw it all away just to make me look ridiculous! And a man in my position can’t afford to be made to look ridiculous! Now you (Tom Hagen) get the hell out of here. And you tell that gumba that if he wants to try any rough stuff that I ain’t no band leader!”



19 thoughts on “Hollywood is still Hollywood

  1. Well, Humberto, Duval still comes out miles ahead of Spielberg. It’s utterly and completely inexcusable for any Jew to even remotely support or praise a totalitarian dictator, and Spielberg is hardly retarded. But of course, I expect he’s a Hollywood type first and a Jew second (or later), except when being Jewish is a career asset. In any case, the whole Hollywood or show-biz environment or atmosphere is so twisted, screwed up and divorced from actual reality that it’s a miracle any of these people ever say or do anything halfway sensible.

  2. If you tried to e-mail Spielberg to complain that he never has anything to say in favor of Israel, you found that it was impossible. Spielberg is comfortable hating Nazis, but like so many other liberal Jews, he is not comfortable hating communists or supporting Israel with the same fervor.

    In Duvall’s defense, he loves Latin dancing. That still doesn’t excuse him. He so disappoints me.

  3. Very disappointing what these two did or have yet to do. Are they still there? maybe they will show up at Fidel’s house and they can dance a danzon or mambo with him.
    Come mierdas really, although Duvall is actually a good actor, Murray has no talent never found the guy funny except in Caddie Shack when he eats the candy bar out of the pool. The part he played in the Lost City showed him up for what an idiot he is, in that stupid suit with shorts. The guy is not funny.

  4. “Murray has no talent never found the guy funny except in Caddie Shack when he eats the candy bar out of the pool.”

    If Bill Murray’s best role at the movies is that of a comemierda; then what he’s doing in Havana now a days suits him perfectly.

    What can I say, he’s made for the role.

    We should give him as award for his talents that famous “Mojon” picture that Val posted sometime ago.

  5. Robert Duvall really disppointed me. The others guys…just as*ho*** who are your everyday liberal mental migets.

  6. Honey, where do you get the crazy idea that Spielberg never supports Israel? He supports Israel very publicly and very actively in many ways.

    For example, a few years ago he gave $1 million to relief efforts in Israel in its battle then with Hezbollah.


    When the movie Munich came out, he also gave many interviews in which he said he supported Israel’s right to do everything in its power necessary for her to defend herself.

  7. You know what, Spielberg went to Cuba and wet his pants with Castro.
    I tell you what they have single handly distroyed Cuba, and enriched themselves.
    When the money runs out so will they.

  8. Duvall “was looking forward to getting a taste of authentic Cuban music, including Mambo. ‘Hopefully we can go out and see some of the guys dance danzon,’ he said.”

    So what’s wrong with Miami? Chances are it’s the only place left with authentic Cuban Music.

  9. I honestly don’t get it, Its like they are trying to experience a place that existed in 1958 not now, its sort a stupid. Old Cuba is history you can’t live in past.
    The reality, is there for anyone with two eyes see.

  10. I really liked the movie Groundhog day, and liked Murray in Ghostbusters.

    It’s a shame he let himself get reeled in by the false glamour of Havana.

    The positive for him is that now he’ll get invited to better parties in Hollywood.

  11. When Orlando Bosch was released from jail in the early 1990s, Robert Duval visited him at home in Miami and offered to star in a movie about his life. I have a copy of the photo taken then of Bosch and Duval that I will post later.

  12. Those are nutty reviews. Spielberg’s own actions in support of Israel speak louder and are more meaningful than a couple of cranks’ deluded opinions about perceived slights.

  13. Munich is a movie terrorist sympathizers and Israel haters could easily love.
    Perhaps Spielberg gave money to Israel, but this attitude of the left that war is not the answer, or try peace for a change, or responding to terrorists in kind is a bad thing, is so lame. Spielberg lives in this wonderful free country and has the privilege to make irritating movies like Munich because of people who understood that war is sometimes the only answer, and “peace” is a concept that causes more trouble than help to freedom, and the best way to fight terrorism by going after the terrorists.

    Mercy me, it is so tiresome that the flower children are taking over this free country. We will not be free long if we listen to them.

  14. Soorry dccuban, but I don’t consider myself or Ms. Schlussel a “crank.” I wonder how you would catagorize former Mossad chief Shabtai Shavit who had this to say about Spielberg’s Munich, “The movie does not properly present the way Mossad operates… it is movie is a negative contribution to the state of Israel and dishonours Mossad.” Or CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America), read their review here:


    It has been my observation that anyone who praises fidel castro, at the very least, lacks moral clarity.

  15. This is the same Shabtai Shavit who wrote a letter to asking President Clinton to pardon Marc Rich? The Marc Rich who dealt arms to Iran and stole millions from the U.S. Treasury? Yeah, I think I will put him in the “Ignore What This Man Says” pile.

  16. Yes caballerodeparis1, the very same. From an Israeli point of view, the Rich case is not so cut and dried as portrayed by the US mainstream media. Shavit is a respected defender of Israeli security, and I’m sure he had his reasons for the controversial request. (For the record, I do not condone Rich, nor approve of the pardon) None of which has anything to do with the veracity of his comment on Spielberg’s Munich. Let me explain it this way, if Spielberg had portrayed the Nazi’s as sympathetic in Schindlers List, what do you think the reaction would have been? Palestinian terrorists have as their goal the destruction of the Jewish state, and telling the story of the Munich massacre in a way that evokes sympathy for said terrorists desecrates the memory of the victims, and for the uninformed, misinforms in a way very negative to Israel. It is a betrayal.

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