9 thoughts on “Why they Call it the Grand Canyon

  1. OMG! What a great picture Mike. As always, it is awesome, and no, you did not oversaturate the colors. I’ve been there and it looks just like that. How was the temperature? My last visit there, it was snowing.

  2. I went in April and got snowed on. Big difference this weekend. At the Canyon Rim, temps in the a.m. were around 52 and highs around 90. In Sedona it was around 99 and in Phoenix around 110.

    Dry Heat my butt! It’s hot and you feel it.

  3. Bert, I saw plenty and one large buck. Man are they huge!

    saw some juvenile males and a bunch of females as well.

    you can’t hunt in the park, but outside the park in the national forest I believe you can.

  4. Hot Damn! On my hunting trip out that way, I got one shot at a buck–and MISSED!!

    Came home empty-handed! (meat-wise)

    No problemo. The scenery made the trip worthwhile a thousand times over.

    Man I love it out there!

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