10 thoughts on “Why I love Ronald Reagan, Redux

  1. One of my favorite Reagan responses at a press conference was to a questioner who said, “After all, Mr. President, you only had a C average in college.” He was trying to put Reagan down in front of the watching world. Reagan didn’t lose a beat. “You are so right. I’ve often wondered how much further I might have gone if only I’d studied harder.”

    When told by George Allen, his National Security Adviser, that, as they were speaking in real time, the Israelis had taken out the Iraqi nuclear reactor and we were listening in on them as they were joking about this on the way home, again Reagan didn’t miss a beat. “Well, George,” he said, “Boys will be boys.”

    Now that is a PRESIDENT. What do you call what we have now in the White House?

    Elsewhere Val reminded us of Reagan’s joke about Castro giving a speech and someone keeps saying peanuts, popcorn and crackerjack. After the fourth time of this, Castro warns that the next guy that says that he will put on a plane to Miami. At once everyone yells peanuts, popcorn, crackerjack.

    Now can anyone honestly say that he can picture our current occupant of the White House telling this joke? Never!

  2. dc,
    The point is that all of Reagan’s jokes were about substance. He was a great man of substance.

    Answer me, dc, our current White House occupant, can you honestly tell me Obama would be able to tell the popcorn joke? Never. Because to do so he’d have to be showing disrespect for Castro. That would never do.

    Give me an example of a good Obama joke? Please.

  3. Reagan used Contras to kill Commie Bastards …

    Meanwhile Obama spends his time reading off the Hugo Chavez book club list.

  4. I honestly can’t think of any good jokes told by Obama, but what he says mostly goes in one of my ears and out the other. If I came across one some time, I’ll try and remember to mention it here.

    My problem is not really with Reagan, rather it’s that a lot of what he said and did over the years has become enormously spun and exaggerated.

    For instance Reagan was really soft on many of the social conservative issues, but you never hear people who say we should look back to Reagan to advance / bring life to the party bring that up. Nor the fact that the government grew under Reagan at a rate almost twice what it did under Clinton. Reagan may have talked against big government, but he simply did not walk the walk on that one.

  5. dccuban,

    Then what do you have to say about the way Obama is raising the government?

    Because at the rate he’s going, government will end up in outer space.

  6. “Then what do you have to say about the way Obama is raising the government?”

    Why would you even ask? It’s pretty bad. Isn’t that obvious?

    – Sandi

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