Marco Rubio on Sotomayor

From Politico:

Some have said my opposition to Sotomayor’s confirmation and that of Republican senators would incense Hispanic-American voters. Right on cue, many are now attempting to brand Republicans as anti-Hispanic. It should be clear, however, that our opposition to her judicial philosophy is in no way a wholesale opposition to Hispanics.

I believe the greatest disservice we could offer the Hispanic community and the nation as a whole is to avoid a serious, principled discussion about the role of the judiciary. I reject the notion that judges should be representative of their sex, race or class. For these reasons, the suggestion that senators who have fundamental concerns about Sotomayor’s judicial philosophy should not dare oppose her for fear of being branded anti-Hispanic is disappointing.

The true measure of our nation’s progress on issues of race and ethnicity is the freedom of people of conscience to disagree with one another based on sound philosophical reasoning, without fear of being negatively branded because the person they oppose is of a different background or skin color.

Has Charlie Crist made a decision on Sotomayor yet, or is he still straddling the fence? Or, is he just a bit too busy right now, chumming it up with the administration for some spare change?

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I think someone should tell the GOP powers that be that this upcoming election is a whole different ball game. This coming election isnt about party politics anymore. It’s about principles and ideology and the candidates integrity towards same.

Charlie Crist has proven, time and again, to be the same old same old political opportunist.




7 thoughts on “Marco Rubio on Sotomayor

  1. I saw/met Rubio in person a couple weeks ago. (He gave a little speech at a luncheon for the Gulf Coast Economics Club.) I was so impressed. He never missed a beat ~ had an answer for everything and a REAL, opinionated answer at that. And damn, is he funny!

    I just wish they’d answer the phone at his campaign headquarters.

  2. It’s sad to think about how much $$$ MARICristON is going to drop on Rubio’s head with the backing of the party.

  3. I read yesterday (or maybe it was on Tuesday) that Crist was one of 5 or 6 people on the shortlist as McCain’s pick for VP (along with Palin, Lieberman, etc.). I had not heard of this before (sorry, I don’t live in Fla and don’t hear much about Crist normally or know anything much about the guy).

    My question is just, was the above well known?

    – Sandi

  4. I’m sorry, but Crist looks slimier every time I see him. I can’t trust a damn thing he says or does. It’s not about Rubio, it’s just that Crist strikes me as utterly phony, a total fraud.

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