ACORN in Honduras?


Before his ignominious fall, Mel Zelaya rifled Honduras’ central bank for a couple million, as the Washington Times reported (and all others ignored.)

Above we see what probably happened to at least some of that money.

I defy you read to read an account (book, MSM, documentary, whatever) about Batista and his henchmen’s flight from Havana that doesn’t include their supposed rifling of “Cuba’s National Treasury.”

I defy you to find me a story (other than the WT’s) reporting Mel Zelaya’s larceny, which is documented with photos.




6 thoughts on “ACORN in Honduras?

  1. cemiami,
    Can you link to it here? I’d like to see it.
    Humberto, do you think Honduras will make it now? Without America fighting it, is it in the clear?

  2. Humberto, here’s the memo:

    If it’s right-wing anything, always assume the worst and portray it as such. Proof is not necessary; bias will do just fine.

    If it’s left-wing anything, give it every conceivable benefit of the doubt, spin it as positively possible, and if it still looks bad, cover it up, “overlook” it or lie about it.

    I hope that was helpful. I’ve found it very instructive myself.

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