9 thoughts on “That dog is either smart or…

  1. Well, the dems/left got their “token” historic Fist Black Prez,

    and the Marxists got their “token” historic First Commissar of the USSA (and as was promised … without a shot being fired).

    Looks like the libs now get their “token” historic First Hispanic, i.e., wise Latino woman, in the SCOTUS.

    All is well …

    All is well …

  2. Somebody PLEASE HELP ME OUT, I can never see the video’s/pictures posted in these threads. All I get is a white box with a small icon in the top left corner with a red square, green circle, and blue triangle.

    Is there something I need to update or download ????

  3. Mr. Mojito –

    You mean Exeter didn’t send you your very own Iterociter incorporating planetary generator with voltarator and astroscope … and the Iterociter incorporating electron sorter upgrade … of course???

    BTW, you’ll need a screw driver … Philips.

  4. drillanwr, LOL

    I actually fixed it now. I needed to download the newest Java and Flash player.

    FIXED and ready to go 🙂

  5. haha i love this dog. You know what though? He would honestly make a better president. He knows the difference between right and wrong.

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