Are You Ready for Some Football?

Dolphins Training Camp 2009

Yes folks, it’s only a few weeks away until the first preseason game.

Stopped by for a little bit at Nova to check out the Dolphins Training Camp. I wasn’t prepared photographically, but fortunately, our friend Claudia4libertad was there and she let me borrow her camera/lens combo for a few shots. Thanks Chica!. Fortunately, I had an extra SD Card.

Go Fish!



8 thoughts on “Are You Ready for Some Football?

  1. (Ahem) can’t help but notice the absence of photos of Mr. Jason Taylor, the only reason I went. S’ok, I took a few dozen when I was allowed to use my camera.

    Don’t be confused- I only root for the Dolphins if the Eagles are knocked out of contention.

    GO BIRDS!!!

  2. Can’t wait for football season to start. I’m actually a big fan. I root for the Dolphins

  3. Honey- I just emailed you back.
    Colena- As long as it’s not Dallas, you’re ok with me.
    Lamayor- If you’re from Dallas it’s ok to root for them. If you live in the Philly area and are a Dallas fan, well, just don’t wear a Romo jersey to a game. 🙂

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