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  1. Wow. I assume he is refering to Bush creating a mess? Bush didnt create a mess. Obama is. Oh , and we arent going to shut our mouths. So get used to it Mr. President.

  2. Ziva, You are so right.
    Shut up and follow my lead. If you think it’s me or this congress that made this mess, then SHUT UP and behave!

  3. “Shut up and follow my lead. If you think it’s me or this congress that made this mess, then SHUT UP and behave!”

    Honey and Val,

    Our current President strikes me as a very arrogant conceited asshole that thinks he’s God’s gift to America and the world.

    Sooner or later he’ll learn a lesson in humility. I have a feeling is going to be sooner than later.

  4. Freedom,
    I don’t think Obama will ever learn. He may not get everything he wants and he may lose popularity, but megalomaniacs like him never accept responsibility for anything. He will blame it on others one way or another.
    However, I do hope his popularity goes down and he is unable to get anything more done in his efforts to destroy us.

  5. it’s a campaign stump speech…lighten up. it would be as if someone on our side would say that we are going make sure that the socialist in the white house can’t tell us what to do anymore…oh we’re already saying that. welcome to the lovely land of politics. he’s not the anti-christ – just a leftist. and by the way….we did leave a mess.

  6. Cardinal,
    Actually, we did not leave a mess. We left Obama with a calm Iraq. At least Obama doesn’t have to think about Iraq. Thank you, George Bush.
    We left him with an unemployment rate lower that we’ve had in decades. We now have one higher than in decades and soon to go higher.
    We left him with low tax rates. We left him with a deficit that was shrinking steadily until that Paulson emergency big spending. But Obama daren’t complain about Bush’s deficits. Here is the guy that promised to cut waste in government and bring the deficit into balance and he has already spent and proposed spending that adds up to more than every president before him altogether.
    We left him with the best military in the world, which he will destroy.
    We left him with excellent intelligence about terrorism worldwide, having killed many of the leaders and soldiers of Islamism. Heaven knows how Obama will choose to destroy that, too.
    For a guy that brought unemployment from record lows to record highs and getting worse, it is rather ungrateful of him to complain about the mess he was handed.
    We left him with a great stock market until the end. And if Obama had not come out of the box and passed that unstimulating stimulus bill, the market would have leveled off and gone up. It reached record lows in March after Obama spent tons of money. And the market is stumbling around boring levels. It may go up for a bit. But if Obama gets just on of his major three things, the market will plummet and never come back. And if Obama gets any of those tax increases he wants, the market will plummet and businesses here will be destroyed or leave the country.

    Guess what, Obama, and Cardinal, too, just shut up about the mess George Bush left. I am disgusted with all of the money I have lost under Obama. And if he gets anything he wants from now on, I will lose much more. I made a lot of money under George Bush and people had good jobs.

    Let’s see Obama have some success before he goes complaining about the mess he was left. I can’t wait to hear about his five year plans.

    It sickens me.

    I am sick of people complaining about the mess Bush left. I didn’t like a lot of his spending and some of the things he let pass or encouraged, but it was chicken feed compared to this guy, who is making Bush seem like a conservative Republican, heavens, who is making McCain seem like a conservative Republican.

  7. Not to mention that we left Obama just about no inflation and low interest rates. And not to mention that the mortgage crisis we had to fix at the end of Bush’s Presidency was caused by Barney Frank, Dodd and company in the first place and not fixed because they would not allow Bush or McCain to investigate the crooks who made it all worse. And not to mention that Obama was one of the biggest money makers from the crooks who cooked the books at Fanny and Freddie.
    And not to mention that gas was in the low two dollars which is money in the bank for consumers and helps the economy a lot.

    So, let’s recap. No inflation, low interest rates, low gas rates, a healthy economy despite what Obama says, a pretty good run on the stock market until the end, ruined by democrat policies, and a peaceful Iraq.
    What mess?

    Compare this to what Carter left Reagan. Highest interest rates ever. Very high inflation. Remember the misery index? Remember are you better off today than you were four years ago? I certainly was no worse off under Bush than I was under Gingrich’s congress and Clinton, and that was after 9/11 and wars and all of those hurricanes.

    Enough with the discussions of Bush’s mess.
    Can we now wait until Obama has cured some things before he goes around blaming Bush for everything?

  8. Honey,

    I give you this simple analogy from the corporate world,

    Most of the time corporate executives are hired to fix someone else previous mess and given a reasonable timeframe by the board of directors to turn things around.

    If that timeframe expires and the new executive has not turned things around, he cannot go and continue blaming his predecessor for a situation that he inherited and has not able to fix (by this time it has become his situation).

    I’m making this analogy just to prove the point that Obama’s attacks on President Bush can only last for so long (regardless of whatever transpired during the Bush Presidency and whoever fault’s is) before his board of directors (the American people) get tired of the blaming the other guy act.

    That act might have worked during the Presidential campaign, but now he must deliver, and if he doesn’t, then he becomes accountable for the State of the Union as much or more than his predecessor.

    At one point down the road, Obama is going to be held accountable by his board of directors for the even deeper mess he’s getting us in.

  9. I love you all but what the heck have you all been smoking? Things were so damned wonderfull that the Dems almost have a super-majority in the Senate? A guy who had been a state-legislator seven years ago becomes President (hang in there Marco that could be you) and the only sunshine in a dismal campaign is from an unknown (but hot) governor of state that has a population that is not even HALF the size of Miami-Dade County.

    Iraq was calm after a policy was put in place 4 years too late. Four years in which George W covered his ears, turned his eyes and pretended nothing was wrong while thousands died. To his credit he bucked the CW and put in a new policy that no one supported (except McCain) to get it done.

    As for the numbers on the economy don’t be cute – you know we were sinking and sinking fast. I don’t really totally blame him but it did occur during his watch.

    While things were going well he did NOTHING to address the deficit. This of course makes us look like flaming hypocrites when we cry foul now. Where the hell were all you fiscal conservatives two years ago?

    Need I even get into the Harriet Miers debacle – the disaster of Katrina (not the Hurricane but the aftermath) – what the f*** was Brown heading FEMA for anyway? His job before joining FEMA was at the Intl Arabian Horse Association….and he was forced to resign! Albert Gonzalez – remember that turd? He gave George Tenet a medal…for what? How the hell did Tenet even keep his job after 9/11? How the hell does he let Rumsfeld go AFTER the mid-term elections? He should have been fired years before but he lets his fellow Republicans get destroyed at the ballot boxes and then figures he can make a change.

    George W Bush is the worst Republican President since perhaps Warren G. Harding…and yes I do believe Herbert Hoover and Nixon were better. He totally messed up this country for a couple of years (at least) and could very well have set back the party and the conservative movement back a decade if not a generation.

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