What’s the difference?

I hated this song from the moment I heard it for the first time in 1985. Not for its message, but because I felt then, as I do now after unfortunately hearing it once again, that the song simply sucks.

But that is not the point. The point is what’s the difference between asking artists not to help the apartheid regime in South Africa and asking them not to help the apartheid regime in Cuba?

There is none.

And that is why the arrogant radio host had to shut his mouth up when Joe Cardona masterfully made that point during his interview.



4 thoughts on “What’s the difference?

  1. Ditto. Great point by Joe. Never mind that many of the anti-castro Cubans butchered and jailed as we speak are black. But, see, all these leftist pseudo-journos are selectively anti-apartheid ONLY if it suits their agenda. To hell with Cubans, they have an intransigent exile mindset.

    I keep thinking this south American/Latino element clamoring for fairness, attacking us exiles who disagree, and touting a divorce between what’s political and what’s artistic, are nothing other than the same bunch who flee to our shores to take advantage of our freedoms and economy, but they are steeped in the same losing political ignorance that makes our countries such a mess.

    And one more thing: they are hunter green with envy; o, hablando en criollo, vaya, no nos pasan porque se los come la envidia. They can’t stand successful exiles who advocate freedom for their homeland — no way, we intransigent loons have gone off the latino caudillo reservation.

    Hey! We’re not going away, deal with it.

  2. The Difference?

    1. The Apartheid regime produced lots of good footage of their oppression. Castro Co. has Cuba on such lockdown, that very few clips exist.

    2. Many Cuban exiles are white, thus it is assumed we are the bad guys (forgetting that Fidel, Raul, & Che were all white and that Biscet is black).

    3. Mandela has praised Fidel & Che, thus it is assumed by many that the good guys are the bad guys in Havana.

    4. Many Latin Americans resent Cuban exiles because of their education and business success. We don’t go running around with sombreros on our heads or leave 6 cars in our front yard for a week, get old English gang tattoos, wear hair nets and button only the top button of our flanel shirt, or drive little taco cars around the ghetto etc.

  3. What is the difference between Nazi Germany or Imperialistic Japan? Besides the skin colour? The Japs didn’t kill rich, white European Jews!
    BTW, my neices babies daddy got deported back to Mexico yesterday.

  4. I repeat, if the likes of Dr. Biscet and Darsi Ferrer were being oppressed and persecuted by a white right-wing regime, the MSM and Hollywood would be all over them like white on rice (especially with the known MLK tie-in in the case of Biscet). As it is, for all practical purposes, they might as well not exist. This is NOT an accident or a coincidence or “just one of those things.” This is a deliberate choice. In other words, if people are getting screwed by left-wing forces, even if the victims are black, just don’t ask and don’t tell.

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