Biscet = Mandela?–I don’t think so!

The Juanes concert Escandalo has inspired many great, freedom-loving folks to comapre the hypocrisy of giving this Columbian twit a free pass on his concert in Castro’s Cuba, while denouncing those who held concerts in Botha’s South Africa.

This isn’t comparing ‘”apples to oranges”–it’s comparing pumpkins to peas. To wit:

Amnesty international refused to recognize Nelson Mandela as a genuine “Prisoner-of Conscience.” They even sent an obeserver to his trial ( held in a non-totalitarian nation and conducted by a scrupulously independent judiciary, btw) in 1964, who concluded along with other international observers such as Anthony Sampson of the London Observer who wrote Mandela’s authorized biography that: “The trial has been properly conducted. The judge, Mr Justice Quartus de Wet, has been scrupulously fair.”

Here’s Amnesty International in 1985 explaining why it refused to list the media’s hero-saint as a political prisoner: “Nelson Mandela had participated in planning acts of sabotage and inciting violence, so that he could no longer fulfill the criteria for the classification of political prisoners.”

I search the MSM in utter, utter, utter, vain for the international observers who attended Elias Biscet’s trial?

Right now, as Juanes poises to play in Castro’s Stalinist fiefdom, Amnesty International recognizes 58 bona-fide prisoners-of conscience” in Cuba. (including Dr Oscar Elias Biscet)
When Rod Stewart, Elton John, Frank Sinatra (who issued a groveling apology for the act) perforned in Sun City South Africa (a completely de-segregated Casino with no links whatsoever with the Botha regime) Amnesty International did not recognize a single prisoner of conscience in South Africa.

“The cause of Communism is the greatest cause in the history of mankind!'” proclaimed Nelson Mandela in 1961. “There’s one place where Fidel Castro stands out head and shoulders above the rest. That is in his love for human rights and liberty!” proclaimed Saint Mandela in 1991 (in 1984 Castro had awarded him Cuba’s prestigious Playa Giron Award.)

also:According to Anti-Apartheid activists (none denounced as “extremists!” or “crackpots” or “hard- liners!” in the MSM, by the way) a grand total of 3000 political prisoners passed through Robben Island in roughly 30 years under the Apartheid regime. Usually about 1000 were held. These were out of a South African population of 40 million.

According to the Human Rights group, Freedom House, a grand total of 500,000 political prisoners have passed through Stalinist Cuba’s various prisons and forced labor camps. At one time in 1961 300,00 Cubans were jailed for political offenses. This is out of a Cuban population in 1960 of 6.4 million. Among these were the longest suffering political prisoners in modern history (don’t look for this in the MSM!) including the black, Mr Eusebio Penalver, who suffered longer in Castro’s prison’s than Nelson Mandela suffered in South Africa’s.

A calculator will easily reveal the grotesque disparity between Castroite repression compared to Apartheid repression. The regime the MSM shills for and the world eagerly lavishes with trade and tourism while millions attempt to flee it (Cuba’s) was over 20 times as repressive as the one the MSM condemned and the world self- righteously blacklisted and sanctioned while blacks from neighboring nations attempted to enter it (South Africa’s.)

Juanes and MSM? Hypocricy doesn’t even begin to define your swinishness.