That was then, this is now…

Back in 2006, Nancy Pelosi liked the “mob.” They were echoing her rhetoric, so what was there not to like about them? But alas, that was then and this is now.

Today, as far as Pelosi and all the little Pelosis out there are concerned, you can only speak your mind as long as it agrees with their ideology. You are not allowed to say anything contrary because if you do, you are a member of a mob that is racist, Nazi, and quite simply, un-American.

In fact, if you cannot line up in lockstep with the rest of the automatons and mindlessly repeat the lies from the left, it is your duty as an American to STFU!

To liberals it is not a question of freedom of speech, it is a question of freedom from speech they disagree with.



11 thoughts on “That was then, this is now…

  1. No matter how bad Pelosi might be, or how dangerous, what truly scares me is not her, but those who put her in office and have kept her there. Same goes for every comparable politician in Congress. Same goes for Obama. As I’ve said before about Cuba, Fidel Castro was never the true problem. The real problem was the people who made it possible for him to get and keep what he wanted.

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