Our “American” President

The Obama administration cuts visas to Honduras – a country struggling to preserve its constitution and its democracy – and, at the same time, increases visas to Cuba – the longest, most brutal dictatorship in our hemisphere.

This from our “American” President and leader of the “free” world.

I’ve a crisp sawbuck that says this administration will have formal diplomatic relations with Cuba before the end of the year.

Birds of a feather flock together.



6 thoughts on “Our “American” President

  1. Sickening.
    But I’d bet if I told my friends about this, they wouldn’t know anything about Honduras and would think it’s about time on Cuba.
    How will we survive this?
    Can 2010 make a difference?

  2. Well…we new this would come if the anti-American bullshit artist was elected to office. It does not take a nuclear scientist to figure that one out.

    If only the people in Cuba would have a fraction of the “HUEVOS” that the Hondurans have displayed so far, then things would get very interesting indeed…

    But I guess fifty years of Castro indoctrination has castrated the Cuban people.

  3. Maybe not the end of the year, but it’s just a matter of time. Obama and his sychophants are too busy trying to destroy this country domestically, but once they’ve accomplished that, they will proceed more aggressively to their international agenda. They will wipe their asses with any promises they made to that dipshit Mas-Santos and will throw Fidel/Raul the life-saver by dropping the embargo unconditionally. In fact, don’t be surprised if some time before 2012 you see Raul Castro giving a speech to the US Congress – mark my words.

    The Vann Jones issue tells you all you need to know about where this government stands politically, economically, and socially. You’d be horrified at some of the things that aren’t making it to the public realm…

  4. “You’d be horrified at some of the things that aren’t making it to the public realm…”


    That’s what I’m afraid off and what I always expected from our current President. He’s very transparent to me as I never trusted anything that comes out his lying mouth.

    I’m sure that you know more than we do and cannot reveal it. I just hope that the American people wake-up in time (for their sake)and realize what Obama and company are up to and rebel against it. If not, America is doomed.

  5. FFC,

    I’m with you mi hermano, I’m with you, praying every day that we can halt this monstrosity and hopefully turn it around before too much damage is done. Keep up the fight…

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