Mass murderer merchandise

NBC 6 Miami picked up on the che guevara merchandise in Miami story today:

Chain store Urban Outfitters, which is known for selling hip clothing, shoes, accessories and houseware items, has several Miamians irate over the sale of two of their T-shirts.

The tees: a red shirt with the word Communist across the center and the other with an image of Che Guevara.

The shirts are being sold locally. The Communist tee can be found on store’s website, but the Che shirt is only sold on the store’s European website.

An Urban Outfitters employee who wanted to remain anonymous revealed that the Che Guevara shirt used to be sold online, but was pulled off because of controversy.

Read the whole thing, right here.



3 thoughts on “Mass murderer merchandise

  1. I expect it’s simply the anything-for-profit mentality at work here, but there’s the obvious irony that, in a communist system, Urban Outfitters would either be confiscated by the government and/or shut down. Again, I understand where they’re coming from, but the degree of cynicism they display is amazing.

  2. They profit by the rope that hangs them, eh?

    Thanks, Val, for exposing these geeks.

    Was it growing up in Rhode Island, where ‘gangland slayings’ were a spectator sport in a family that family socialized with those who swapped gory ER tales? Or working private cases up there and conversing with people on the job?

    Probl’y just me – my sense of humor’s kinda black, not for everyone.

    For those who can stomach it, I’ve long admired – in twisted tongue-in-cheek manner – the late Ottis Elwood Toole, Jr., , and his loyal travel mate, the late Henry Lee Lucas, for their refreshing honesty so sadly rare amongst today’s leaders.

    When police asked Jacksonville native son and poet-laureate, Toole, why he burned over forty homes, he answered directly, “Ah jes’ couldn’t bear to see ’em standing’.

    No spin he.

    As you’d expect of a busy career man, Toole left behind few writings, among the more memorable, a description of his cross-country killing spree: “Ah jes’ killed a bunch o’ people that wasn’t worth livin’.’

    Toole & Lucas didn’t brag, exude che’s arrogance, or shrink from aggressors.

    Unlike wimpy che, hey’d sooner off themselves rather than let someone else do their looting, burning, and killing.

    No, I’m not praising them but at least they were honest about their sordid crimes.

    If this retailer wants to glorify killers, why not glorify Toole & Lucas, who at least had a semblance of bravery and honesty, twisted though it was.

    Toole and Lucas suffered horrific childhoods which few could survive. Though it’s no excuse, it explains how easy it is to create monsters devoid of insight into their behavior.

    But it doesn’t for a minute explain spoiled brats from privileged homes the ilk of che and cagasstro, who seem to have plenty of insight into their horrific deeds, about which they boast to Oliver Stone and those of his ilk.

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manamorbid Key, Florida
    09 September, 2009

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