Tonight’s infomercial

Tonight the president will go before a rare joint session of congress and try once again to convince the American people to accept his radical health care reform proposal. After countless speeches, press conferences, and town hall meetings over the past few months, Obama has not only failed to sway public opinion but his constant campaigning on this issue has had the opposite effect. The more he talks about it, the larger the percentage becomes of the American public that opposes his idea for reform. Nevertheless, being the consummate snake oil salesman that he is, Obama still believes that his soaring oratory and eloquence can seduce America to buy into his ridiculous scheme. Tonight will no doubt be nothing more than a typical infomercial that tries to persuade the viewing public to purchase something they do not really need.

It is interesting to note that as smart as Obama and his court jesters believe they are, they have exhibited an obtuseness that defies all logic. Whenever one of their plans fails or backfires (which has been quite often), they refuse to believe it is their fault. Instead, they believe they are always right, and it is the stupid American public, or Fox News, or Rush Limbaugh, or Glenn Beck that is to blame for their  failure. This arrogance is typical of  the left, and as I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago, it is “the limp” that gives them away. Since they do not have the capacity to believe or accept that anything they do is wrong, it is very likely that tonight the president will repeat the oft repeated statistic that there are “47-million people in this country without health insurance,” in an attempt to shame the citizens of this country into accepting his plan.

Now I am a numbers guy, it’s what I do for a living, so I took a look at this figure in more detail. Here is a breakdown of these 47-million uninsured people in the US:

  • 9 million are individuals earning more than $75,000 per year
  • 9.7 million are already eligible for government programs already in place
  • 6 million are eligible for employer sponsored insurance
  • 5.2 million are illegal immigrants
  • 5 million are legal immigrants
  • 12 million are Americans without affordable options

So we see here that in reality, the only Americans that are in need of help with health insurance is  the 12-million who do not have an affordable option. The rest have either chosen not to buy insurance although they can afford it, have not bothered to get insurance  from their employers or the government programs already in place, or are illegal immigrants.

Now, according to the Census Bureau, there are roughly 307.4 million people in the US. That means that the percentage of the population in America without affordable insurance is about 4%. Even if we throw in the 5-million legal immigrants, that percentage only goes up to 5.5% of the total population.

Just because these people only make up a small fraction of the American population, however, does not mean we should ignore them. If the government, along with private industry, can come up with a way to help these individuals, I am all for that. What I am completely against is overhauling the entire system, which would affect 100% of the population, in order to help just 4%. That makes about as much sense as tearing down your house to  build a new one because your air conditioner went on the fritz and needs to be replaced.

This logic (or lack thereof) is not lost on Obama or the liberals, and that is why they have avoided the facts and relied instead on hyperbole, lies, and the defamation of their opponents. It would cost an infinitesimal fraction of what the president wants to spend on health care for all Americans to insure those 12-million uninsured Americans. But in the end, the purpose of this supposed reform is not to help those people. The purpose of destroying a system that serves the vast majority of Americans well is not to help the minority that has been left behind, it is to build a system that gives the government unprecedented power over the daily life of all Americans.

Tonight the president will repeat this figure, along with a few more bullet points from left-wing talking points memos, and he hopes that his charm and eloquence will cause America to defy logic and accept his radical scheme. It’s going to be a tough sell for him because the only way he can achieve this is for the majority of Americans to stop thinking.



5 thoughts on “Tonight’s infomercial

  1. A large section of the American people have stopped thinking, but that segment of the population may be shrinking.

    I will not watch tonight.

    But I like a slogan which I derived from a Sowell column. It works all of the time when dealing with this bunch:

    Whenever Obama speaks think Madoff. Whatever Obama is trying to sell, think Madoff.

    Is anyone going to Washington this Saturday?

  2. Undoubtedly Obama feels that he knows what’s good for us. In his mind the “rightwingers” who oppose him are mere racists and rabble whose opinion is worthless. The left does this all of the time. Look at Cuban exiles and how we’ve been rendered irrelevant. The media is forever talking about the mythical generational shift, the alleged growing dissension in the Cuban community, and how only a handful of old timers and batistianos want the embargo in place, etc..etc… nauseam.

    This is the way that the tea party crowd is being treated, the way that the Glenn Beck’s and Fox News is slandered and trivialized. It’s the motif operandi of the left and of the White House.

    As long as Obama has the MSM on his side and I don’t see them abandoning him any time soon, he will not let up.

  3. Obama will go FULL-BORE for Gov. health-care tonight.
    He has nothing to lose.
    If it fails, he has a fall-back position and another, and another, and another.
    Liberal/Socialists are tenacious, patient, and most important, they understand incrementalism.

  4. Excellent analysis, Alberto. I do think many, if not most, of the remaining 96% should have better and more affordable options, but a complete overhaul isn’t necessary for that to happen.

  5. This is great analysis. This will be a very good defense for my friends that believe we should do an overhaul of our health care system.

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