Wallet alert

Congress to America: Shut up and hand over your cash.

In case you missed it because it was released late Friday, House Democrats announced that they will seek a massive $540 billion tax increase to help pay for Obama’s healtcare plan.

Despite a still-lagging U.S. economy and rising unemployment rate, House Democrats announced late yesterday that they will seek a massive increase in federal income taxes to help pay for the national health-care reform proposal that President Obama is urging Congress to enact this summer.

House Ways and Means Chairman Charles Rangel (D.-N.Y.)revealed late Friday afternoon that House Democrats will seek to increase income taxes by $540 billion.

More here, and here.

And according to Pelosi, more funding will come from “squeezing ” Medicare:

Are you angry yet?



4 thoughts on “Wallet alert

  1. Didn’t Obummer say the “health care” plan would be “revenue neutral?” These a**holes are so arrogant they’re not even going to wait until they pass the damned thing before they start lying to us. And thanks to “recociliation,” they don’t have to wait, they can ram this load of crap down our throats right now if they want. We need to vote them ALL out in 2010, not one exception. Un-FRICKING-real.

  2. Does Pelosi not look like she’s losing it? She wets her teeth so she can snap on that fake smile. She is tense, saying nonsense – half the bill will be paid for by squeezing out excesses from Medicare and less than half by more revenue. What about the other part of the second half? If there are excesses to be squeezed out, why wait for the bill? Do it now.
    As stated before, if Social Security is out of money and soon to be getting worse when the baby boomers come on board, and Medicare, while compensating doctors disgracefully, still is tens of billions in arrears, why would I want to trust these same people to nationalize close to one fifth of our economy?
    Social Security is a Madoff ponzi scheme and so is Medicare. Reverse them and privatize them and keep the government out of health care.

    And I’ve said this before castrodeathwatch, no we do NOT want to vote them ALL out. There are dozens of good conservatives that are doing yeoman’s service for us and I don’t want them to leave. For example, those who got into congress through the Club for Growth are damn good representatives. Why reward those who fight the tide for us by throwing them out?
    It is lazy sloganeering to say throw them all out. We must be more thoughtful and selective and choose which ones must go. It takes more effort to do that. But in these terrible times, we must put forth that effort. Let’s leave the easy platitudes to the other side. We can do better than that.

  3. Honey,

    You give Pelosi the broom and the hat and she immediately takes first prize at the Halloween contest, her competition will be left in the dust.

    What can I say; she’s a natural (WITCH).

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