4 thoughts on “I guess the NYC office didn’t get the memo…

  1. dunno about you, but I am thoroughly enjoying all this public disclosure — it’s like a tabloid version of “24” without the guns

    and aren’t we impressed with the intellectual acuity of all these hired hands at ACORN?

    I can’t wait for the Miami version…..

  2. I am jealous and envious of these two budding journalists.

    Damn! To be 20 yrs younger and out there again to kick ass during this time in history!

    I suspect they have even more evidential footage of other locations in their pockets. The ‘rationing’ of the busts in this is friggin’ brilliance. To dump it all at once gives the MSM the chance to ignore it in one lump sum. But the continual “drip-drip-drip” every couple days is fantastic!

  3. I knew there was one here in Baltimore but i didnt know there were other busts around the country. Wonder what city is next? There has to be more out there!!

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