Rap Star “disses”/insults Country Star on National TV



The MSM UPROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If–say–Toby Keith, Charlie Daniels or Ted Nugent yanked the mike from–say–Beyonce, Whitney Houston or Alicia Keys during a gracious acceptance speech, and blurted that their award really belonged to–say–Gretchen Wilson, LeAnn Rimes or Reba Mc Intyre!!


Well, Check this out:

So had you heard of the above from CNN or CBS??




15 thoughts on “Rap Star “disses”/insults Country Star on National TV

  1. Kanye was an idiot for that (not to mention the other dumb things he’s said … mind you, I still like his and Estelle’s song ‘American Boy’).

    But, yes, I did see this widely reported on both CNN and on NBC today (didn’t watch CBS, so I don’t know about them). CNN had it in the morning when I left for work, and I saw Wolf Blitzer still yapping about it with Jack what’s his name later when I came home.

  2. Kanye West is an asshole that is far too full of himself. This is not the first time that he has done something stupid on stage. I sort of remember the year that he had a hissy fit on one of the awards programs for not winning a Grammy, also, there were his infamous comments about Katrina and Bush.

  3. Oh, and before I forget, this offensive cover on Rolling Stone Magazine where he was dressed like Jesus. It was entitled, “The Passion of Kanye West.”

  4. it was well reported BUT Humberto is absolutely right. If it had been the other way around it would have been the end of the world as we know. A 19 year old COUNTRY singer grabbing the mic from an African-American “artist”? Can you imagine? Kanye is a douche, but you can’t blame him. He stands about four foot nothing and his 15 minutes are ticking. I keep hearing about his talent- but as someone who likes and appreciates hip-hop, I’ve never seen it. I’ll take Nas over him any day.

  5. The problem is not this truly pathetic excuse for a human being. Screaming assholes, of all colors, will always be with us. The problem is that anybody, of any color, would take him seriously, let alone support him. There is no possible excuse for such behavior short of mental illness or being sky-high on drugs. None.

  6. Beyonce showed alot of class by using her winning speech to call Taylor back out to finish her speech.

    = “Kanye West does not care about white people”

  7. “You can’t spell “crap” without “rap.”

    Right on George.

    You know what pisses me off the most about these rap artists?

    That they actually think that they’re musicians.

    To me the majority of them are an insult to all that good Motown music from the 60s and 70s.

    That was music, no this crap they call music playing for the last 20+ years.

    And yet all these rappers are the ones racking the big bucks today and acting like big shots as they majority of them are nothing more than a bunch of famous thugs with money.


  8. I thought everyone would be cracking up over that image I posted the link to. No takers? Come on, at least give me one LOL.

  9. Cubabuzz that was good,

    The funny part of it is that given Kanye’s taste for Hennessey he could probably do it for real.

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