Size Matters!

Amigos, I’ve whooped and wallowed through the thick of 40 + New Orleans’ Mardi Gras’. I know a little something about crowd sizes, though tea wasn’t exactly the favored tipple at these events.

Though I wasn’t there, from the pictures I’ve seen, what the MSM is trying to feed us about Saturday’s Washington event (60-70 thou) is unworthy of serious comment (though I just did it.)

Charlie Martin’s analysis at Pajamas Media strikes me as quite plausible.
Especially in view of this time-lapse sequence.

Rumored number: 2 million
“People meter” count 1.5 million
Eight “Pennsylvania Avenues” full of people:800 thousand
Grant Memorial area by Park Service method: 250 thousand
Legacy media reports:70 thousand

Average all of those and we get 900,000 plus (924,000). Throw out the outliers, we get 850,000. And remember that the 1.5 million was a real count; it’s inherently a more believable number. Our estimate should be “pulled” upward by that.

Conclusion: probably well more than 850,000 in the crowd.

Which is a lot of people.

An remember, none of these Tea-partiers had CDRs herding them at bayonet point. None had ration cards–YET!!



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  1. Well, Bill O’Reilly claiming that 75K figure too. For what I seen so far in the pictures and the clip, the number seem much greater.

    I don’t understand Bill O’Reilly, on one hands he’s constantly criticizing President Obama’s policies and on the other when he gets a change to nail the President (as it happened during the campaign interview he gave him) he lets him off the hook.

    As far as I’m concerned the numbers are huge and indicative of a mainstream America beginning to wake-up to the disastrous consequences that our President’s policies will bring to our nation and beginning to revolt.

    The next fourteen months promise to be very interesting in our country.

    This is a beginning of a tidal wave of discontent with President Barack Obama and his Marxist/Socialist vision for America. Those around Obama and the Democratic Party can choose to ignore these obvious signs of discontent among the common folks but, make no mistake, next year they’re going to wake-up to a painful reality when they loose control of Congress.

    The only way that Barack Obama and the Democrats can avoid this self-destruction act is to move to the center (like Bill Clinton cleverly did during his tenure); unfortunately our current President is too much of a lefty (and unwilling to change his Marxists/Socialist ways). The fact that he’s controlled by George Soros and company and with Pelosi, Reid and the far left loonies in charge of Congress and the Party will spell doom for all of them in the 2010 elections.

    Barack Obama and the Democrats claimed that George Bush and the Republicans had lost touch with the American people. Today they should take a look at themselves and see how their arrogant, pompous hypocrisy (totally supported by the MSM) is bouncing right on their faces as they are the ones who have really become out of touch with the American people.

  2. O’Reilly’s number is way low, if what you say is correct. But the 2 million Charlie cites over at Pajamas is a fictitious number, based on erroneous claims from Saturday, and should not be included in the figuring. Myself, I still figure a number in the 200,000 – 250,000 range is probably about right (I explained why in some other posts), but could see it being as high as 300,000.

    But keep your eyes on this page … D.C. Metro ridership numbers:

    The Sept. 12 numbers will be out soon. Then we can compare to the list of the 20 busiest weekdays at the bottom of this press release in order to see how it stacks up:

  3. Well you know that old saying, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck…

    If the participants and other eyewitnesses, including the likes of NBC’s Tom Costello say hundreds of thousands, why not accept their word? By the way, for the record, the UK Daily Mall quotes up to a million. And look at the aerial photo of the mall. According to Michael Medved it’s a known fact the the main mall holds 250,00 or so and this was larger. There were crowds past that, and in the streets. Has everyone been brainwashed so that they can no longer use their own brain to reason? Since when do we require validation from a bunch of idiot image whores impersonating journalists? God help us!

  4. carambola,
    No, no, no, no. Glenn Beck for radio and tv personality, okay. For president? Spare me.
    He’s doing some great expose reporting. But he’s starting to get a bit over the top in his presentations. Take it down, a notch, Glenn.

  5. Here’s the PROBLEM …

    – Glenn Beck, Malkin, O’reilly etc are all ALSO reporting the 60-70 K #.

    If even they repeat the “estimate”, then we have no hope!

  6. Not to worry, Mr. Mojito. The pictures are out and everyone is going to realize each view can’t see everything.
    Something big happened on Saturday. Gibbs can laugh us off, Axelrod can try to sideline us. It isn’t going to work anymore. Because now those in Washington and in other places across America saw that they were not alone. There’s a lot of us out there and we are engaged. This was not expected by those clowns in Washington. They are going to have to think before they act now. That woman who said at a town hall meeting that they have awakened a sleeping giant was so right. If Obama tries to get any of his program passed, he will face that sleeping giant, you betcha.

    Imagine what the turnout would have been if the msm said one word about it. Imagine if blogs gave local contact numbers and names. They did not. We had to find out for ourselves. If conservatives all over the country had had more information, the turnout would have been in the many millions.
    It must have been crowded. They were turning buses away because there was no more room in the city for them.

  7. Continuing my post from above, the D.C. Metro ridership numbers for September 12 have finally been posted:

    # September 14, 2009 – Rail ridership: 704,000 Bus ridership: 450,000
    # September 13, 2009 – Rail ridership: 224,715 Bus ridership: 152,108
    # September 12, 2009 – Rail ridership: 437,624 Bus ridership: 236,347
    # September 11, 2009 – Rail ridership: 724,754 Bus ridership: 450,000
    # September 10, 2009 – Rail ridership: 748,145 Bus ridership: 450,000
    # September 09, 2009 – Rail ridership: 736,434 Bus ridership: 450,000
    # September 08, 2009 – Rail ridership: 692,263 Bus ridership: 450,000
    # September 07, 2009 – Rail ridership: 165,791 Bus ridership: 450,000
    # September 06, 2009 – Rail ridership: 237,179 Bus ridership: 152,108
    # September 05, 2009 – Rail ridership: 300,963 Bus ridership: 236,347

  8. This is an edited version of what I choose to believe. I have also eliminated the pictures because we have seen enough of them. I also like the comments.

    London Daily Mail: Up To 2 Million Marched on 9/12

    Despite political pressures from the Obama administration on ABC News Network to back off its initial quote that two million conservative Americans marched on Washington DC Saturday, The London Daily Mail is standing by the number.
    Does this look like “two million” or “tens of thousands” to you?

    Does this look like “two million” or “tens of thousands” to you?

    The correct number of two million has been corroborated by eyewitness reports and aerial photographic evidence.

    The lack of coverage by so-called “mainstream” news outlets has been supplanted by independent and international news outlets, which recognize the significance of such a massive turnout. The news blackout is consistent with derisive coverage done by the so-called “mainstream” media of the Tea Party protests and town hall meetings from earlier this year.

    During the 1990’s, the so-called “mainstream” media covered Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan’s “Million Man March,” which only drew 50,000, to the point that it did feel as if a million people showed up for the event.


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    Johann says

    The Ministry of Lies, as Frank calls it.
    September 13, 2009, 5:32 pm
    Allan Smith says

    I’m pleased that the networks did not cover this event, for they’d have managed to demonize it and by doing so, do as they always do, CREATING news, not REPORTING it !!
    September 13, 2009, 7:56 pm
    The Great Frank says

    When King had his speech on the Great Lawn of the Capitol, it was a “huge” event. But the numbers weren’t near anything coming close to this. Proof that only on TRP and cable can you get the facts and the truth! The Patriot has awakened from his slumber. TRP was speaking out when others were silent!
    September 13, 2009, 8:23 pm
    Susie Chilberg says

    I was there…….we were over 2 million by word of DC police…..just a few more than Obama’s much-vaunted 15K in Minneapolis. We were a happy group, a friendly group, a well-mannered group and a clean group…..we picked up our own litter. And no one in DC was given ample warning of how many of us were coming. This, from the local taxi drivers who were astounded. We were +2x bigger than Obama’s inauguration; none of the taxi drivers had ever seen anything this big in DC before.
    September 13, 2009, 8:49 pm
    reptile says

    Problem, reaction, solution. It’s the same old game red or blue. I’m sure that if you looked closely, the central gov/bank was responsible for the outrageous cost of medcare in the first place. Besides with the FDA funded by the very companies it’s supposed to police were in “the jungle” all over again. Remember their is no free market its a subsidized market.
    September 14, 2009, 1:46 am
    The Mask CTF says

    I was there. So was Jeff Greenfield of CBS (I spoke to him and he was obviously not happy about what he saw…he scowls well). So,CBS News had a well-known reporter in that mass of humanity and a cameraman whom I saw filming (they were on the walkway leading to the Capitol steps). Jeff was there…why is he not reporting what he saw with his own eyes? Easy to guess why not, eh?
    The Capitol police officer I spoke to said their initial estimate was over a million people. And NO protester arrests! He said it was one of the most polite, easily managed crowds he’d ever seen (people obeyed police orders, picked up their trash, etc). Once again, the media and Obama use their usual weapons of marginalization and minimization of the opposition to try and blunt any appearance of legitimacy. It won’t work this time!
    September 14, 2009, 8:59 am
    mama d says

    SILENT NO MORE! i was there, i saw the sea of humanity that stretched out in front of the capitol, it was packed. as i stood on the hill to the left of that great edifice and gazed back up Pennsylvania ave the people just kept coming, and coming and coming. There were so many people that the 11:30am start time of the march was moved forward. 14th st. traffic was at stand still because concerned Americans, paying their own way making their own signs, converged upon our nation’s capital to be heard. at 1:00pm people were still marching in from the street.
    they were of all ages and ethnic backgrounds from the diapered in strollers to the elderly with their walkers. they were a mixed representative indicative of this melting pot nation: white, black, Asian, Indian, Slavic, Cuban and more.
    Capitalism was at work as a young black man set up shop selling huge soft pretzels via a grocery cart in the middle of Pennsylvania ave as we marched to the Capitol.

    News network spin was there and in force as one station, set up on Pennsylvania ave., tried to play us off as a “few people”. not able to tolerate this, cries of “tell the truth.” “can you hear us now?!” and “silent no more.” reverberated throughout the crowd surrounding the news team.

    Subversives tried to incite pockets of the crowd. they came with their own camera man. cries of “silent no more.” and “be gentle, be proud.” became the response from the crowd as tempers began to rise.

    We came to be heard, we came to be seen, we came for many reasons — the common thread – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
    We came away knowing that as individuals we are not alone.

    The media, congress, the president may try to dismiss, demean, deride but they will NEVER silence us again.

    THE SLEEPING GIANT IS AWAKE !, !!!, !!!, !!!, !!!
    September 14, 2009, 10:56 am
    Cheryl says

    September 14, 2009, 11:06 am
    bill says

    What I find very strange is no headlines about Acorn,nothing on news networks,WHY? Nothing on cable, nothing in Congress about it.Does this mean our elected officials think it is ok to set up underage whore house,for adults to have sex with children.The people need to write and phone their reps and ask why it is being ignored. I find this unbelievable.
    September 14, 2009, 2:52 pm
    mike says

    The reported numbers do not matter. The truth is that America is speaking and you can bet that those in Congress and the White House know what the actual numbers were!!
    September 14, 2009, 5:15 pm
    expertman_2000 says

    Clearly there is no difference between the current US media and the old Soviet news agency Tass and newspaper Pravda. Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s I remember the lies the Soviet news was spewing then. Now, grown up it is us spewing the lies. Congrats to the 9-12 patriots, all 2 million of them.
    September 14, 2009, 5:29 pm
    The Great Frank says

    Be afraid, be very afraid left wing bags of human garbage! You days are numbered now, and there is no denying it! Those two million Patriots who gathered in THEIR Capitol are just the tip of the iceberg. Think of how many millions more agree with them but couldn’t make it to the uprising! Think of what will happen if they ram this planned genocide down the throats of the American people. This is why this Foreign Occupier in the White House wanted to push it through sight unseen. He thought with his “popularity” thanks to ACORN he could fool the PEOPLE. Watch the White House become a bunker, like Hitler, he’ll become delusional thinking that he can win even though the truth is that he’s losing. He’ll have a nervous collapse and go into a deep deep depression. They call the Patriots , “lunatics”, paranoids, “racists” etc. That’s all they’ve got left! Nothing more!
    September 14, 2009, 8:08 pm

    machinepolitick says

    Thanks to everyone who was there. I was so proud of you all and so inspired by your passion and integrity.
    Look forward to art and writing from me on the subject at I am a political artist and I went to Washington because I use my art to spread the concepts of limited government and individual Liberty and I wanted to see its manifestation first hand. It was a wonderful experience, and I don’t need numbers to tell me I am doing the right thing. We are not alone in this and if we accomplished nothing else, those of us who participated reached that epiphany.
    Thank you and keep it up. We have a right and a duty to preserve our Republic.
    September 15, 2009, 12:08 pm
    Sarah H. studstill says

    Do as we did – no more Network News – not since the beginning of the tear down of then Vice-President candidate, Sarah Palin!
    Thank goodness for FOX NEWS Channel – the so called ‘mainstream media’ has lost any right to such a title! When you lie, when you manufacture ‘facts,’ send hordes of reporters to ‘investigate’ yet ignore that which truly warranted investigation – they are no longer ‘mainstream’ they have become the puppet of the Administration.

  9. Honey it was a big rally and a great success. However, the comment:

    “London Daily Mail: Up To 2 Million Marched on 9/12

    Despite political pressures from the Obama administration on ABC News Network to back off its initial quote that two million conservative Americans marched on Washington DC Saturday, The London Daily Mail is standing by the number.”

    That’s just not true. If you look at the Daily Mail for yourself, the story now says “up to a million” and that is what it has said for the last day or two. They edited the content of the story in the form of a correction, as soon as ABC News denounced the false estimate that was attributed to them. If you want the link, I can post it for you.

    The comment in the comment from Susie Chilberg about the D.C. Police saying the crowd was over 2 million is simply erroneous. The D.C. Police NO LONGER GIVES crowd estimates at rallies, ever since they were threatened with a lawsuit in the days of the million man march. They’ve made one exception to this in the last 10 years or so, and that was for the inauguration.

    A lot of the other comments make good points, but the two I pointed out had to be corrected.

  10. Cubabuzz- Why do you insist on using MSM figures as the legitimate source for the crowd size when we all know they lie to promote their own agenda. I’ll tell you how it works. Their lower level reporters on the ground accurately reported their estimated crowd size, but it was too high a number, couldn’t have that be the “official” count so they downsized it. That’s how they operate, thev’ve done it time and time again. They lied to us about who Obama is in order to ensure his election, and hell, they’ve been lying to us about Cuba for 50 F**n years! Remember Rathergate? Why the hell would you believe them?

  11. cubabuzz,
    What happened to if you are disturbing us, you will say no more?

    Enjoy yourself. Say what you wish, correct what you think needs correcting.

    I will enjoy myself, too thinking about that great, fun-filled, happy, successful experience.
    Those that were there know better than all the estimators. I will take their word for it, and mine.
    My favorite thing out of all of this are those pictures of clean Washington after us and filthy, messy Washington after the Obamamaniacs who would lecture us about clean environments from their perch of moral superiority.
    If those two pictures are not a perfect metaphor of the difference in values and efficiency and caring between us and them, I don’t know what is.

  12. Guys, please read what I am saying above and not what you THINK I am saying.

    It is a simple FACT that the Daily Mail recanted the 2 million figure. Look it up on the Daily Mail website. It serves no good purpose for you guys to keep repeating incorrect facts, it makes the cause look silly.

    Ditto for the D.C. Police thing. They NO LONGER GIVE RALLY SIZE ESTIMATES (except that one time in 10 years for the inauguration) ever since they were threatened with a lawsuit in the 90s. So anyone (like Susie Chilberg) claiming they gave one on Saturday is simply misinformed. Again, repeating a lie about the D.C. Police just gives the left another reason to mock the whole thing. Is that what you want?

  13. Cubabuzz, perhaps you should check your own reading ability. It is a fact that the MSM lies, and recounts until they get a figure they are comfortable with. It’s from the old playbook of tell a lie often enough and it becomes fact. So stop with the MSM propaganda, we here are not interested.

  14. Ziva, what you raise has NOTHING to do with what I am talking about.

    Yes, the MSM lies. I agree with you there. Great.

    That has NOTHING to do with the FACT that the D.C. Police NO LONGER ESTIMATE CROWD SIZES at rallies (except in the one special instance I described above).

    Anyone reporting that they did so on Saturday is either innocently mistaken or lying. Either way, they should be politely corrected, because their repeating this falsehood sullies the positives of the tea party and just gives the left a reason to mock it all. Ditto with the Daily Mail thing.

  15. Cubabuzz – You mean they no longer “officially” report the estimated size of crowds. Nothing to stop an individual officer from telling a member of the crowd or media his/her estimate, even if there is no official report, and seeing as how there is more than one source quoting police estimates, my guess is that is what happened. Try to think outside the box.

  16. Further,since I’ve heard many attendees state how large the crowds were, and they back it up with quoted estimates from police and other officials. It is reasonable to believe that people and these officials were talking to each other,as often happens during protests, large or small, official report or not. It is also reasonable, based on photos to believe the eyewitness accounts of the crowd size by honest American citizens. You’re splitting meaningless hair ad nauseum, why I don’t know, but it serves no purpose other than to piss people off.

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