Juanes not political? Liar!

If he’s apolitical, then why did he use Twitter to urge his fans  to join Amnesty International’s campaign against Obama extending the embargo?

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The link to his Twitter post is here.

And here is a copy of his post with the link to Amnesty’s Web Site telling his readers to fill it the form and send their letter:

http://tinyurl.com/kovup5 pueden y quieren , llenen sus datos y mandenlo. Es importante .

Click on his tinyurl link and it takes you here, the Amnesty en español page with the petition.  As far as I can find, the petition is not available on the their English language site, but you can view the entire page translated into English here.  (You have to scroll way down for the text)

His statement that he is not political is a blatant lie. Talk about arrogance!

Thanks to Melek and Secretos de Cuba



11 thoughts on “Juanes not political? Liar!

  1. and he walks around smirking through the streets of Miami.

    … I just hope he’s dumb enough to waddle into Versailles 🙂

  2. Ziva,

    We should not be surprised … This is just another perfect example of the Cuban regime and its cohorts’ manipulation of a situation to divide the Cuban exiles … After the typical repertoire of insults, disparaging statements and mocking of the “radical & intransigent” exile community, if there were doubts before, there’s no longer any reservation as to the real purpose of Juanes & Co.’s concert for “Peace”!

    I wish you well 🙂 Melek

    “There are three things in the world that deserve no mercy, hypocrisy, fraud, and tyranny.” ~ F. Robertson

  3. People,

    Are you surprised about Juane’s loyalties and motives?

    Please…he wears la camisa Roja, that simple.

  4. Juanes can be so shameless because because he is painfully aware that the mainstream media is on his side NOT OURS. Case in point, the MSM made an issue and trumped up that ridiculous alleged “death threat” on Twitter, but haven’t reported on this. Like automatons, they keep on repeating Juanes’s talking points, i.e. THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL CONCERT, and they continue to under report and ignore our side.

    He’s a shameless rat who is “dissing” the Cuban community so thoroughly.

  5. This is not even remotely surprising, just as it won’t be surprising for the official media to sidestep it or downplay it, assuming it’s even reported there. Look, just the idea that music or art could be pure and apolitical in any totalitarian system is absolutely ludicrous, and anyone who makes such a claim is automatically discredited as either seriously stupid or even more seriously disingenuous. The Juanes camp’s position on this thing has been transparent bullshit from the word go, which means the Juanes camp deserves no respect (unless they can prove mental retardation, in which case they’re to be pitied rather than scorned).

    By the way, in late 2008, Juanes reportedly participated in a concert in Chile in honor of the memory of failed communist wannabe dictator Salvador Allende. It doesn’t get much more “apolitical” than that.

  6. Mr. Mojito, a crack like that here, isn’t funny since it is also a routine slur, and completely unfounded, used by bigots and castroites against the community. Sort of like an outsider going into a black owned coffee shop and using the “N” word. Not funny at all.

  7. If he had done this to the Jewish community, he would’ve had to hit the road by now. He’ll never show on Calle Ocho. Surely Key Bisc can find a creative way to expel him from its square mileage.

  8. Ziva, I’m not sure why saying Juanes should not show himself on Calle Ocho is a slur? If anything it is helpful advice for a moron who continually offends 98 % of those on Calle Ocho.

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