More taxation with crappy representation.

Better start adding Miracle-Gro to those money trees you all have in your backyards, Floridians:

State considers pay-per-mile motorists’ tax

Facing a likely future of dwindling gas-tax income, some Florida transportation officials are promoting a new way to raise money for highways and bridges: charging motorists by the mile.

Called the VMT, or vehicle miles traveled tax, the idea is that drivers would pay depending on how far they go, rather than how much gasoline they pump into their cars.

Of course, if you don’t have a green thumb and your backyard money trees aint growing all that much fruit lately, you can help elect Marco Rubio.



8 thoughts on “More taxation with crappy representation.

  1. Wow, that’s an outrage. You all will need to start training oxen to pull carts just like they do across the FL straits.

    And this is a legislature that wants to promote tourism?!?

  2. if I am not mistaken this is basically taking a libertarian idea and using it for the state. Murray Rothbard proposed privatizing roads and making the toll roads. I know that at least some major roads in Santiago, Chile are tolled the same way.

    I hate Crist and no way will I vote for him but this is actually a kinda conservative idea…if done right. Eliminate state tax on gas and tax the people that use the roads the most. Those that drive the most would pay the most. Only a good socialist would believe that the roads cost nothing to build and maintain. Those that want to use the roads the most should bear the brunt of the cost of our infrastructure.

  3. In the article, it says that Crist has not been fully briefed on this idea so he has taken no stand on it yet. So we can’t blame him for this YET. The idea was actually proposed by Noreann Downs, who runs the Florida Department of Transportation. Anyone know of her or her politics?

    The article also says that the Obama administration rejected this same idea on a national level, which would support theCardinal’s point of view that this is actually kinda a conservative idea.

  4. I mentioned Rothbard but I am hardly a fan. Just as disgusting as his Che-loving was his shilling for the Serbs while they were busy killing everyone in sight. It was awful. He had delusions of grandeur once it came to his thoughts on political theory. His libertarian/new left fusion was only slightly more idiotic than his libertarian/old right fusion.

    Totally off topic but another economic hero of mine from thw WSJ, Jude Wanninski also went off the deep end in the 90’s and became a Castro apologist and Louis Farrakhan fan.

    Not sure what is wrong with these economists

  5. According to the AP : Venezuela gets $2.2B in credit for Russian arms
    By CHRISTOPHER TOOTHAKER (AP)CARACAS, Venezuela — Russia has opened a $2.2 billion line of credit for Venezuela to purchase weapons including armored vehicles and surface-to-air missiles, President Hugo Chavez said Sunday.He didn’t say how many missile launchers Venezuela was buying.

    Thought I share this wonderful news with Babalunians who fork over their hard earned cash so that the US can provide Russia with $8 Billion in US Foreign Aid …

    by the way RUSSIA has become the world’s top producer of oil, surpassing even Saudi Arabia in 2006 and 2007. In 2007 the value of Russian production was $238 billion even supplying $2.8 billion to the US. Thanks to a near doubling of the world price we can assume that the value of their production for 2008 could end up somewhere between $400 billion and $500 billion. Can we say “Windfall Profits”? Why have we provided over $8 billion in foreign aid to a very wealthy aggressor that has signed arms, nuclear and energy deals with Iran and now Venenzuela..

    Can you say ‘suckers?’

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