“Racism” against David Rivera in Tampa!

David Rivera at Tampa Debate
David Rivera at Tampa Debate

Florida Rep. David Rivera just debated Florida “anglo” native, Castro family friend, and “embargo” foe, Parke Wright in Tampa.

PARKE WRIGHT: “You have put your finger on the problem: the Cuban Americans in the U.S. Congress. We’re Floridians. We’re Americans. We need an American solution to this problem….There’s an American solution, and…. I have no time for Lincoln and those fellows trying to tell me what I can do as a Floridian.”


Now check out the response when Rivera tried to respond, as reported in the Tampa Business Journal:

David Rivera: “I am more worried for example — [audience rancor] May I finish? I am much more worried that the juicy, tasty beef that my fellow panelist here is trying to import is eaten by Oscar Elías Biscet. That’s what I care about, that the Cuban people can eat his beef. I am less worried about Raul, Fidel and Ramon Castro being able to eat the beef he’s trying to export.”

The article mentions this “audience rancor” more than once.

Seems to me toothless, inbred yahoo Parke Wright packed the hall with fellow Anglo-Celtic crackers and slipped banjo music into the Muzak machine, along with a few pig-squeals.

As we all know, policy disputes are irrelevant in today’s America. It’s all about race, as Jimmy Carter just notified us:

“I live in the South….and I’ve seen the rest of the country that shares the South’s attitude toward minority groups….I think an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward President Barack Obama is based on the fact that he is a black man, that he’s African-American.”

No word on whether any shouted: “You Lie, Rivera!”

But we will certainly look for the MSM to denounce this shameless shouting down by white southerners of a elected “Latino” Representative.

(In fact, as we all suspect: most “audience rancor” probably came from our dear, dear fellow “Latinos”, many probably of Cuban heritage!)




22 thoughts on ““Racism” against David Rivera in Tampa!

  1. I read the transcript, David Rivera spoke well. This is not easy to do when you have a solid wall of “rancor” against you.

    As Cuban Americans we get it from both sides. We’re hated by pro-engagement-with-Cuba lefties who see us ALL as right-winged, fascists [i.e.: the Oliphant caricature] and we’re hated by many in the right who see us as “latinos,” with all of the negative connotations that entails.

    If you look at the Elian phenomenon, it united both pro-engagement with Cuba lefties and anti-illegal immigration, nativists right-wingers who saw our attempt to keep Elian in the United States as something akin to radical, flag-burning chicanos trying to impose open borders and amnesty for millions of illegal aliens living within our borders on the American people.

    It’s not easy being a Cuban-American! Part of our problem is that we have an anti-country for a motherland. While all foreign nationals living in the United States have the embassies of their mother countries looking after their good auspices, we have a mother country that fans discord, hatred and bigotry against us. You see, fidel castro hates the land where he was born and he hates the Cuban people. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass if the world sees us a complete garbage in fact, he’s told that world that is exactly what we are. Since he doesn’t love Cuba nor does he identify with Cuba in any way, he doesn’t care how he slanders the land of his birth and its people.

    What’s more, if this helps to sustain him in power, he’ll do it. Which is what he does, when he calls us foreigners imposing US policy on the American people.

    That’s what this Parke Wright is all about and that is what was at the heart of that debate.

  2. You are not “hated by the right”–you are hated by a small collection of Buchananites/hardcore paleocons which are a vanishingly-small part of the conservative movement. (Yes, every year or so, Buchanan takes a break from being an asshole and writes something intelligent, but these are rare occurrences.)

    (And I say all of this as a rightwing anglo-celtic cracker.)

  3. >>What’s funny about this is if memory serves, Buchanan actually supported Elian staying here in the US.<<

    No, Buchanan wanted Elian to be returned. He has also on occasion written about lifting the embargo.

  4. Another anglo-celtic-scotch cracker here, from NC originally. (My face is the proverbial map o’ Ireland.) Who are these nuts shouting down Rivera? From my earliest conscious memories I don’t recall anyone EVER speaking well of Castro in my presence. To me a Cuban American is about as American as anyone can be — or anyone from a group that escaped any communist hell, from Havana to Hanoi to Prague — because they more than anyone GET it, get what we have and could easily lose, and what this country could easily become. Because they or their parents LIVED it.

    The Buchananite wing in the South (or anywhere else) is small and getting smaller.

  5. Regarding “red-neck” bigotry towards Cubans:

    “In 1961 this Cuban refugee family anded in New Orleans, deepest darkest Dixie. Worse, the city then hosted a huge NASA project, attracting blue collar workers from surrounding states, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi. Here’s backwoods states synonymous with hate and murderous bigotry–and here’s the social class most prone to it.”


    Whole thing here:

  6. Cool story. We really aren’t all Klansmen. Welcome to the USA, Cubanos, Mexicanos and anyone else from anywhere on the globe who is an American at heart. (Democratanos-at-heart need not apply.)

    But right now I’m sitting here wondering when the first big wave of Venezuelans seeking asylum will hit…

  7. ECM and Zhangliqun thank you for your support. I’m not saying that everyone in the “right” or even most people in the “right” hate us, what I mean is that there are a significant number of people out there who put all Spanish speaking people in the same boat. I blame the liberal power establishment and the mainstream media that created the catch-all phrase “latino” for this phenomenon.

    This “latino” garbage has gotten so ridiculous that the mainstream media will almost always substitute the word “latino” for Cuban-American. The only time that they won’t do this is when they are insulting us directly. For instance, when covering the Obama elections, they wrote that “latinos” in Florida voted for Obama. They indiscriminately said this without making any distinctions that while other “latinos” may have voted for him, Cuban-Americans in the majority remained true to their conservative values and voted for McCain. Whether talking about California or South Florida, they kept on harping on how “latinos” wanted a president to support amnesty for illegals, etc..

    Those people who know Cuban Americans know the truth that we are Republicans and that we don’t support open borders, but not everyone lives next to a Cuban or has had a significant relationship with one. This can be very confusing. Add to that the constant editorial spin of most mainstream liberal American newspapers like the New York Times that constantly says that Cuban Americans “run American foreign policy on Cuba to the detriment of the USA,” etc… and its not surprising that there are xenophobic feelings towards us in many circles. As you say, perhaps small circles, but they are still quite vocal.

  8. I’ve often thought that what both extremes cannot forgive is that we have the presumption to think we are their equals, that what has happened in Cuba matters. The left can’t stand us because they can’t patronize us. As to elements of the right, they find us too alien (pardon the pun). That said, give me a good ol’ boy any day.

    ‘Round here in the Tampa Bay area, they’re just salivating at the millions they’re gonna make off trade with Cuba and resent us for standing in the way. Of course, they have no idea of the economic realities.

  9. Humberto,

    I read the story of you arrival to America, it is extremely heartwarming.

    You family is very blessed that it was welcomed into this country with open arms by so many caring Americans.

    You must thank our almighty Lord every day for bringing so many wonderful, caring people into your life, as this is truly a blessing from above.

  10. One last thing Humberto,

    Your father-in-law was a hero for his service to this great country, may he rest in peace in heaven in God’s glory.

    America is the great country that it is because of the kindness of its people.

    The only thing that scares me is that today’s generations are a far cry from the “Greatest Generation” as many of them have lost the values that made the elders one of a kind.

  11. A reminder to all those ignorant “Anglo-Celtics” out there. Galicia is the lesser known of the 7 Celtic Nations. And many Hispanics of Galician ancestry, as in my case (my paternal grandfather was born in Galicia and emigrated to Cuba as a child; so did my maternal grandfather who was Basque), are more European than most of these racists who think of all Hispanics as “people of color” still wearing feathers and shooting arrows from bows. By the way, “Rivera”, as in David Rivera, is a Galician surname. Look it up morons!

  12. Rayaren, Zhangligun & Babalu readers;

    Why is it I’ve long felt more at home in the South than in my native Rhode Island? Simple, distance from the Boston-DC Axis of Elites, or the Axis of Weevils as we call it.

    One also finds bedrock Americans in northern New Hampshire’s White Mountains, but that’s changing thanks to massachusetts flatlanders who move there and recreate the madness they fled.

    Another beautiful place was the California High Desert of Morongo Valley, near Yucca Valley, and Twenty Nine Palms Marine Base. Americans in this rugged community – our home was up three miles of rocky dirt road at an elevation of 3500′, Heaven on earth – kept rifles and shotguns by each door, not so much for fear of man, as for knowledge of snakes, mountain lions, and the wonders of the desert.

    We felt right at home.

    A client from North Carolina several years ago invited us to his home. This man, of Scottish-Irish heritage, as is my wife, could by and sell his florida community several times over, but he’d never say it. Humble, hospitable, strong, decent, this is the America we know.

    The America we dread are the leftist elites and the inevitable destruction they bring.

    As a kid, my family often visited close friends, a married couple, in Nassau, Bahamas until the late 60s. Thea Maria was from Island of Pines, and knew well the dangers of charismatic madmen. Her husband, Uncle Foti, as a young teen escaped the 1915 Genocide in Asia Minor when his family placed him in a barrel and rolled it aboard a London-bound steamship.

    Uncle Foti and Thea Maria also knew the dangers of mass hysteria that follows charismatic tyrants. Our visits to those beautiful islands were hospitality and a legacy in themselves. But listening Foti & Maria’s accounts of their lives provided a priceless gift in the knowledge of just how delicate is liberty and how easily it can be lost to vainglorious tyrants, courtesy of shortsighted individuals who follow them.

    And when in the Miami area, we always visit Calle Ocho, where one finds more real Americans, sadly, than one’s own neighborhood.

    My wife and I were aboard a cruise ship in 2000 when Elian was abducted. We heard of his machinegun kidnapping masterminded by reno & holder’s on our portable radio. It was the sole dark spot in an otherwise jouyous trip.

    We saw Elian’s kidnap and sentencing to a living death under cagasstro for what it was and wondered why others didn’t.

    We returned home to hear some of our fellow Americans (?) express support for this horrific abduction by which old dope peddlers who fancied themseleves as statesmen sought to curry favor with an old tyrant in exchange for money.

    It made us wonder, is it us, or them?

    Having since found babalublog, Beck, talk radio in general, kill-castro.com, and many other sites, we realize it’s not us.

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasota Key, Florida
    20 September, 2009

  13. Whoa there, Amigos! As mentioned–chances are, some of Rivera’s shouting down came from Tampans of Cuban heritage eager to make bucks as Castro accomplices, or from our dear, dear “Latino” brothers and sisters, always known for their steadfast support of our cause.

    In my experience, at least, so-called red-neck bigotry against Cuban-Americans has been so rare as to be “statistically insignificant.”

    The point of this post was to show that on those rare occasions when it DOES flare up (Wright boasting of an “AMERICAN!” solution vs that of Lincoln, Mario, Ileana, etc.)–the MSM is utterly mum. They’d never be as mum if Rivera were Mexican or Puerto Rican.

    Replace Rivera with Sonia Sotomayor in this setting and IMAGINE!!!! the MSM UPROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Paul – I can vouch for the Yucca Valley area. We spend as much time out there as possible to escape the LA madness. It’s a wonderful area, no Obama worship out there, at least not that I’ve seen.

  15. Humberto –

    You get the impression that Wright is just blowing smoke & acting as a provocateur re his inane remarks? I do.

    Ziva Sahl –

    Thank you for your kind comments. Not a day passes that we don’t recall fondly our time in the high desert. We were there only part time and decided to sell after a few years rather than leave to the wilds or burden our neighbor with watching it.

    Yep, very few cult of personality types out that way, hard believing it’s even in California, more like the true West.

    We’d often hike up the Smith Canyon behind our home into miles of BLM wilderness, suitably equipped w/pistolas, as neighbors advised, for rattlers. We loved the high heat and the dry was just invigorating.

    Morongo Valley and Yucca Valley lie in San Bernadino County, largely still based on ranching and farming. The culture is suitably bedrock. Sheriff Gary Penrod has long distinguished himself by his loyal support of private property owners and the Tenth Ammendment, among other issues. We asked the Sheriff’s Office about Pistol Carry Permits, stated that we had permits for Florida, and figured we’d get the California ‘nyet’.

    Nope. “Come right down. You need (a pistol) for hiking out in the wilds and we’ll be glad to issue permits to you.

    The locals were open, friendly, and were always there to help out.

    It’s the America we love.

    The dour dullards in the BOS-DC Axis really need to get out of the office, drop the red flag, and live a little.

    But they probably wouldn’t much like it.

    Sarah Palin would love the high desert likely as much as we’d love Alaska, but for the cold.

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasota Key, Florida
    20 September, 2009

  16. I agree with ECM and Zhangliqun…and Im a right wing card carrying redneck! My children, half Latino and half Redneck didnt know whether to play loud music or burn crosses on the lawn. Laugh folks its a joke!

    It’s a big country and fortunately most folks are way beyond stereo typing.

    Now can someone tell me what I can expect when I move to the real deep south…Medellin, Colombia?

  17. The REAL deep south? That would be Antarctica…where the penguin grapevine has it that the sea ice is drifting to record distances north lately.

  18. The small number of right-wing racists that don’t like any “hispanics” usually don’t like Cubans. But they are outnumbered vastly by the Lefties that claim to love “hispanics” and support Castro’s oppression of 11 million Cubans.

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