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  1. You wouldn’t know this if you read the New York Times!!!

    As expected, they’re continuing with their selective spin on the Juanes concert in Cuba. For instance, the author of a slanderous smoke-screen job article [Concert Plans in Havana Start Furor in Miami by Damien Cave—Sept 19th] that depicts Miami as a weird anomaly and again mentions the trumped up alleged Twitter death threat writes:

    Criticism from other musicians in Miami has been muted, partly because Juanes is known here for his sincerity. He may have started as a hard-rock “metalero,” shouting in Medellín about life under the drug cartels, but he has grown into a respected rocker with many Cuban-American friends, 17 Latin Grammy Awards — more than any other artist — and a talent for songs about love.

    I guess that people like Gorki Aquila, Olga Guillot, Willie Chirino, Emilio Estefan, and others who have been openly criticizing Juanes for weeks on end don’t count, and I guess that Chirino and Estefan’s attempt to have Juanes invite Miami based Cuban exile performers to perform with him don’t count!!!!

  2. “Whom do I hate most among the rabble of today? The socialist rabble, the chandala apostles, who undermine the instinct, the pleasure, the worker’s sense of satisfaction with his small existence–who make him envious, who teach him revenge. The source of wrong is never unequal rights but the claim of “equal” rights.” Friedrich Nietzsche, in The Anti-Christ (section #57)

  3. Why is anyone surprised? this all started with The Alinsky Marxist Boss in DC and carried out by the Supressed Tortillera, two elitist Harvard-Stanford products who know exactly what’s good for us music loving spics, in their minds this half-ass cooked concert/soap opera is the type of “cultural exchange” that would lead to the compromised deal on acceptance for the recycled solid waste landfill of the castro latifundio, as I write this I can see the look of satisfaction in Mrs. Clinton’s face as the manager of another social situation, after all why else are they called Socialists?. Byproducts seeked are victory over the Republican exile base to the unrestrained hapiness of Michael Moore, Rangel, Maxine Waters, Sean Penndejo etc, etc, some preservation for the rotten corpse in Havana expiring with a feeling of prevail….bla, bla and play the International for the greasy old Spaniards and lardy Canadians cheating their fatally flabby wives in their last Viagra induced trips of manhood (the true contributors to continuity for the long drawn drama since the passing of the generous welfare hand-out USSR)

  4. Juanes sings while Oscar Elias Biscet still rots in prison. The evil indifference to the oppressed in Cuba by pampered assholes of the entertainment industry is vile beyond words.

  5. Will there be any video coverage of this “concert”, so that we can see if in fact there is any sort of protest by the crowd?

  6. They’ve been broadcasting it live all day on Univision, Mojito. And with the obvious presence of State Security there, I seriously doubt any “undesirables” are allowed anywhere near the range of any cameras.

  7. At this point in history, there is no excuse for ingenuous, you are either un hijo de puta or a commie, and you should just said it, don’t hide it.

  8. After Alberto’s reminder I turned it to Univision, and could only stomach about 5 minutes … then I was quickly reminded why I had been watching football all day instead.

    During the 5 minutes I did see … Juanes was asking the crowd to cheer after he listed off each “Latin” American nation i.e. Juanes: “Argentina” Crowd: “Yay” etc. Then the camera cut to the 70 foot stencil outline of Che’s face and I decided I had seen enough.

    Sadly, the (hand picked) crowd were all smiles and looked happy. That will only further fuel the Castroites = “Look out how happy they are in the Zoo”

  9. If one reads what Gorki Aguila has publicly said about this concert, there’s no need for anything else. He knows exactly what the score is in Cuba; nobody can say he’s too far removed or out of touch, and given his track record, he’s got a thousand times more courage and moral authority than ALL the participants in this concert put together. There’s also the little detail that he’s Cuban, not Colombian, not Spanish, not Puerto Rican, and not in cahoots with Castro, Inc. Next to him, all the holier-than-thou, self-serving, presumptuous and hollow sermonizing from Juanes & Co. sounds exactly like what it is: BULLSHIT, and what’s even worse, very old and tired bullshit. Enough already.

  10. Asombra:

    Next to him, all the holier-than-thou, self-serving, presumptuous and hollow sermonizing from Juanes & Co. sounds exactly like what it is: BULLSHIT, and what’s even worse, very old and tired bullshit. Enough already.

    YES!!! You hit the nail square on the head!!!!!

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