Rollin, Rollin, Rollin!


Cuba Juanes

Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’.
Keep them dogies rollin’, rawhide!

Move ’em out, head ’em up!
Head ’em up, move ’em on!
Move ’em out, head ’em up:

Don’t try to understand ’em,
Just rope an’ whip an’ brand ’em.!

Move ’em out, head ’em up!
Head ’em up, move ’em on.
Move ’em out, head ’em up:

Rowdy Yates never had it so easy during a round up as the Castro brothers had it this Sunday.



20 thoughts on “Rollin, Rollin, Rollin!

  1. I realize that you guys are concerned about events in Cuba, but you already lost Cuba, now while you are looking south, freedom is slipping away right under your noses. Today the president said: “I am concerned that if the direction of the news is all blogosphere, all opinions, with no serious fact-checking, no serious attempts to put stories in context, that what you will end up getting is people shouting at each other across the void but not a lot of mutual understanding,”

    For those of you who can read between the lines, make out of this whay you may …….

  2. Great comparison Humberto! I could see the Cuban police collecting the T-Shirts and the Umbrellas after the concert. I bet anyone, that you will not see any of those t-shirts on any kid in the streets in the future. This is how the Castro regime works.

    Hey RayLove54, the beginning of your stupid statement doesn’t make any sense. “You Guys”? We are Cubans, we haven’t lost our Cuba. Cuba is where we were born, it’s our country too. Cuba is right there and it’s not going anywhere. Cuba belongs to all Cubans, it doesn’t matter where they live now. Where are you from, where were you born?

  3. was it controlled? yes. did it look like people had a good time? yes. I had (have) issues with the concert and all the b.s. sentiment that Juanes kept spewing leading up to it, but give it a rest. There were probably one million people there, it took a lot less to tell Ceausescu to go screw himself. Stop making excuses for a people that would rather dance, sing and do what they’re told. The few brave souls willing to stand up against the regime are too good for that country – they don’t deserve to suffer for the millions that would rather go along than say “Enough!”

  4. Well here I am packing my bags as Cuba is now free. The prisoners have been freed, elections will begin shortly, etc. No wait, the “peace concert” had no effect? If any Juanes fans had any gonads they would boycott his recordings, but alas as it is with many we have very short memories and have a very small tolerance to pain or rather inconvenience. Once again castro inc. got their free propaganda. They partied under the butcher’s image. They smiled for the camera’s. Its much like the guy who offered the woman $1 million to sleep with her. She answered yes. He then offered her $1 and she scoffed and answered “what do you think I am”. His answer was “we have already establised what you are. We now are trying to establish the price”. Castro now knows just what the price is to entertain the masses and he doesn’t even have to pay for it. As for Raylove54. I know what he means. America is well on its way to becoming Cuba II.

  5. Lets see here. How threatened was the dictatorship over the concert for “peace”?
    From Granma
    “Concierto Paz sin Fronteras. Un regalo maravilloso de amor, solidaridad y música… pasión de todos los cubanos.”
    The communist dictatorship saw it as solidarity with their cause. Need any more be said?

  6. Well, Castro, Inc. got what it wanted, which is what this whole concert was about anyway (and certainly the only reason Castro, Inc. allowed and promoted it). Attendance was strictly controlled, who sat where was controlled, audience attire was controlled, plainclothes security personnel was all over the place just in case, and the superficial appearance (meant primarily for foreign consumption) was that of young, happy Cubans having a good time–not a care in the world, or at least nothing serious.

    Forget the recalcitrant, reactionary octogenarians running the country, including every aspect of everybody’s life. Forget the constant, pervasive human rights violations, the political prisoners, the summary executions, the miserable living conditions, the family separations due to massive exile, the untold deaths in the Florida straits, the wholesale degradation of a people reduced to subsistence/survival mode and the moral degeneration that comes with it. Forget all the unpleasant and inconvenient truths. Just look at the smiling young faces, and don’t give Cuba another thought–except, of course, be sure to go there on your next vacation!

  7. It really is hard not to just give up – as the “game” is rigged.

    Until both Fidel and Raul die (with our luck Raul will live to be 100) I am not sure ANYTHING can alter the present system in place. And even then I wonder how easy it will be to “deprogram” people who have been told one thing for 50 years. The “leaders” who would be needed for a societal transormation all mostly live in Miami – and those stranded on the island have been made to view exiles as “gusano” traitors. The only thing that keeps me going is HOPE … but even that is fading with time.

  8. Yes Cubanology, It is our country by birth even if we left it as children, I mean we lost it to a political system that nationalized, businesses,banks,newspapers,industry…As far as Cuba belonging to all Cubans well that’s just your opinion,a lot of the Cubans I’ve talked to on the Island about reclaiming my parents property feel when you abandoned the Island you gave up all rights as a Cuban and have no rights to claim anything…

    We are now talking the US government subsidizing the MSM media,through a bail out bill.
    Are you so naive as to think that if the government saved the Newspapers that the implications and conditions attached would not be a game changer? Regarding my stupidity, if we din’t lose Cuba to an oppresive regime, then why did our parents leave our homes,property,businesses,freinds,relatives and left the Island to be scattered into all four corers of the world?

  9. “happy Cubans having a good time–not a care in the world, or at least nothing serious.”


    You accurately made the point of what the Castro regime achieved with this concert. This perception will give ammunition to the embargo foes and those who want to have open relations with the island.

    The people around the world look at this concert and will arrive to the conclusion that things are not so bad in Cuba, that we exiles are full of shit.

  10. FreedomforCuba, que bola’! How are you doing? You are right Asombra is on the money but we will not look like a piece of shit, there you are wrong, maybe it was a bad chose of words, whatever, but Asombra is correct.

    Raylove54, you definitely have some kind of issue with the Cuban exiles because you keep trying to separate us from the Cubans in Cuba. We all have family in Cuba!! What the hell are you trying to explain to me and everyone here? You make no sense at all, all you are trying to do is mix everything up, come on man! What’s this, “It is our country by birth even if we left it as children, I mean we lost it to a political system that nationalized, businesses,banks,newspapers,industry..
    We lost it!! We lost it? Who’s we? ALL Cubans lost their Cuba when this murderous dictatorship moved in. You think the Cubans in Cuba are happy with this system of slavery? As for leaving Cuba, our parents were able to do so, we were lucky, but after the Freedom Flights, the doors were closed. Don’t forget the Bay of Pigs! If the Cuban people were allowed to leave Cuba freely, then there would not be anyone there! What are you talking about man?

    As for the MSM, they are sold out already, haven’t you noticed that yet?

  11. Cubanology I meant the people on the island what they have become, I know is painful but it is what it is…

  12. Cubanology,

    The people in the island have changed a lot.

    I understand that is the consequence of fifty years of losing their soul by living under Communism and letting the regime take religion from them and loosing their values etc, but their actions and attitudes speaks for themselves.

  13. Cubanology,

    I’m doing well, how are you?

    One more clarification (as I got a little confused with another post I made on another area), I meant about us the exiles is that the MSM paint us as we’re obsessed with the Castro regime and their abuses when they see the people in the island acting as if things are not so bad there, then we look as we’re exaggerating conditions in the island.

    Remember that American people’s mentality revolves about the fact that if the political system is so bad the people will revolt (and they don’t see the people in Cuba doing that).

    I know that you understand the MSM campaign against the exile community trying to discredit us. I’m afraid that is bearing fruit after fifty years because of the people in the island actions (or lack off).

  14. Yes, ok man, gracias!

    Ahora Si, FreedomForCuba, now you are talking, si, es verdad! Things have changed but unfortunately, the Castro regime is still in power, so now, thing’s are actually worse! Until this Communist Dictatorship either steps down or is forcibly overthrown, nothing will ever change. Meanwhile, the torture continues! I personally feel it’s just too many years now, it’s inevitable, it must change.

  15. Believe me Cubanology,

    As much as I criticize my own people for lacking backbone against the Castro brothers, there is nothing more that I wish in this world that the Castro brothers tyranny ends once and for all and that the people in Cuba are freed from that fifty years nightmare and it is not for my sake or personal wishes, for for theirs.

  16. Correction…

    Believe me Cubanology,

    As much as I criticize my own people for lacking backbone against the Castro brothers, there is nothing more that I wish in this world that the Castro brothers tyranny ends once and for all and that the people in Cuba are freed from that fifty years nightmare and it is not for my sake or personal wishes, but for theirs.

  17. Peacful change in Cuba will be impossible, that only leaves one alternative … the same one that existed for Batista.

  18. Mr. Mojito,

    Honestly right now I don’t how change will take place in Cuba, if some event (the death of Fidel Castro or Raul Castro or both or something else) will trigger it.

    My suspicion is that when Fidel Castro’s death is announced maybe the people will start loosing the fear (who knows). The people in Cuba have demonstrated such a lack of backbone that it would not surprise me if nothing happens.

    Right now I look at the Cuban people and as much as I want the best for them I don’t think that they have what it takes to be free as I witness their actions.

    On the other hand, there could be such a public outburst when least expected as a consequence of all that oppression that they have tolerated for so long…time will tell.

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