Cubans or Venezuelans? Zoe Valdes says the latter

Juanes Concert goers
Juanes Concert goers

“It looks like militant Cuban commies are getting so scarce in Cuba that the front rows of the Juanes concert had to be filled with militant Chavistas. It was easy to tell.”

reports the incomparable Zoe Valdes. And she didn’t see their birth certificates. But relied on something that denotes a Cuban even more surely.

Even the most militant Cuban Commie knows how to move from the waist down, and never engages in that chicken-shit waving of the arms from one side to the other like a wave……Cuban flags were also conspicuous by their rarity. Most flags at the concert were Venezuelan flags.”

Whole hilarious thing (in Spanish) here.

Come to think of it, I’ve heard that many of the “Cubans” who show up to heckle Vigilia Mambisa, etc., don’t look very Cuban at all. I’ve heard the same for the “Cubans” that packed CANF events to hail candidate Obama.




4 thoughts on “Cubans or Venezuelans? Zoe Valdes says the latter

  1. Interesting, and the news in Spanish yesterday was very careful to mention that both Juanes and Miguel Bose were FURIOUS [yes, that’s the word that they used] when they found out that the regime was trying to fill the front roles with party loyals. Imagine that, they didn’t know! They were absolutely clueless that this would happen even though Cuban exiles had been warming them for months in person, on the blogs, in the airwaves and in print! Allegedly, Juanes and Bose are so principled and their sensibilities were so shocked that they threatened the regime with cancellation if they didn’t allow a normal flow of fans to fill the front roles. So what does the regime do, it laughs in the faces of these two jackasses, does it even worst and turns the screws a couple of notches up by filling the front roles with non-Cubans: Venezuelans!

    As far as I’m concerned this anger and the alleged “threats” of cancellation were nothing more than Juanes and his publicist trying their hands at a little bit of damage control after the enormous harm was done. Another thing, does he think that because he shouts “Viva Cuba Libre” at the end of the concert in a country whose warped logo is PRIMER PAIS LIBRE DE LAS AMERICAS that this somehow straightens out the wrinkles? Are we supposed to be impressed? He must really have a low opinion of us. I hope that Cubans stop buying his CDs and playing his music on the air. He’ll understand that.

    By the way, something else that irked me was Juanes self-congratulatory attitude yesterday as he was saying that the concert went on despite “death threats” from us. And here is when visions of the extremist right-winged violent Miami Mafia come into play.

    All that I can say is that Juanes is pretty vile.

  2. Gorki made that same comment the day of the concert. As he was being interviewed and images of the crowds were being shown, he immediatedly stated that those were not Cubans but Venezuelans and that it was commom practice. I have always said that the majority of those protesting in Miami in favor of the regime definately don’t look Cuban.

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