“Shut Up!” snaps Juanes crony Olga Tanon to Cuban Concert critics.

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“The Puerto Rican tropical music singer made the comments Monday night on “Esta Noche tu Night,” on Mega TV. “If you [critics] can do it better than Juanes and I, great, let us know and we’ll move aside . . . but if not, shut up . . . shut up! . . . .we have to stop this nonsense!” said a seemingly fuming Tañón as she looked straight at the camera.

“And God helps us to lift the US blockade on medicines to Cuba. . . then we would be doing a miracle,”

Entire article here.

(WHAT ‘freakin “embargo” much less “blockade” on Medicnes to Cuba? which have always been exempt!!??)

WORSE, Despite the thundering video proof, this lunatic Olga woman is even denying there was any friction between the concert performers and their Cuban Stalinist hosts!!!

Question: does Cosmetic surgery (no that there’s anything wrong with it, gals!) affect the brain, too? Michael Jackson gave us a hint.




23 thoughts on ““Shut Up!” snaps Juanes crony Olga Tanon to Cuban Concert critics.

  1. Bert, a look at this woman and all I can say is she is a bi-polar bovine psycho bitch from hell. Oy vay! I guess soon she’ll blame the Jews too just as that idiot Zelaya.

  2. I have NO idea who this Olga is … but I have to say, I find her oddly attractive.

    Would I be profiling her / be guilty of stereotyping her if I were to suggest that this beautiful lady has no brains?

  3. Cubabuzz- Olga (and her original nose) used to be part of Las Chicas del Can. Then she married former Phillies player Juan Gonzalez. I liked her music, til now.
    Mike- we all have to deal with a bi-polar bovine psycho bitch at some point in life. Wow, looking at that, that’s a lot of insults for a stupid woman.

  4. Ironic that a woman who has enhanced her career by singing Celia Cruz songs would insult the memory of Celia by insulting the exile community of which Celia was a member.

    Tañón who wasn’t so “beautiful” before her various facial procedures has proven that she has no class or principles. As Humberto pointed out, she is denying what happened in Cuba. I wonder what reason she has for not coming clean? Why does this happen to so many visitors to Cuba? A couple of years back, Pedro Almodovar and a famous French fashion designer [who’s name escapes me now] where arrested in Cuba as they were dancing the night away at an improvised gay club called el Periqui. You would think that they would have given press conferences and the news would circle the globe, instead, they quietly whimpered off and said ZILCH. Olga seems to be following suit.

    It’s really quite disgusting.

    By the way, can you imagine the brouhaha if Willie Chirino did a concert in Puerto Rico invited by an some unpopular political organization? I can imagine the Puerto Ricans shouting that Cubans should stay out of their politics.

    But it seems that all of “our latino brothers and sisters” seem to think that they have more rights to Cuba and more of a say there than we do!

  5. A blatant disrespect for the Cuban exile community, that’s what it was. A slap with no hand in the faces of all of us. To make it worse, they come straight to Miami to rub it in our faces. No matter how well-intentioned they were, the castrite propaganda machine used it to their advantage, for their cause. We also have to organize ourselves when we protest. F*cking media here and abroad has us looking like f*cking savages. Breaking CDs and sh*t isn’t doing anything if you have to buy the CDs to begin with. Obviously. And we should be united in this, we all want the same thing. A free Cuba.

  6. Felixthe3rd, the problem with us Cuban Americans is that we don’t have a PR machine working for us. We don’t have an anti-defamation league, or a powerful and sophisticated political organization to represent us like practically everyone else from Chicanos to Feminists to Gays to Blacks have. So what happens is that you have a couple of yokels who belong to some ridiculous and ignorant little organization breaking CDs and the media eats it up. Why? Because it plays into their view of exiles as troglodytes. The worst part is when they claim that the handful of unsophisticated and hopelessly lost demonstrators represent all of us. Just like when they harp on one nebulous “death threat” in Twitter. This is something that is not done with any other group. For instance, the only voice that is heard when its a black issue is the official voice of either the black representative of the official organization that is handling the situation, or the black politicians that are interviewed.

    The myriad blacks in the streets of Harlem and Watts that commit acts of violence, and that foment racial arson are taken like a grain of salt and are never used to paint with a broad brushstroke the rest of the community [that is always represented in the most positive way possible].

  7. On the one hand, this woman is so sad, so bogus, so plastic…in short, such a nothing, that she’s beneath addressing, let alone being taken seriously. It’s bad enough she’d go near Celia’s songs, but stupid, low-class people do stupid, classless things. Too bad that, despite her vulgar boast to the contrary, she didn’t have the “huevos” (male or female) to sing a Celia song in Cuba; she only sang what she was told or allowed to sing (and by the way, people who really have “huevos” never need to say so; their actions speak for themselves).

    I know the bitch is beyond arrogant, beyond disrespectful, beyond tactless and surely beyond deluded. Her ridiculous posturing, her cheap histrionics on TV interviews, and now her fifth-rate “diva” pouting are really over the top, but hey, consider the source. She can only be what she is. Like the saying goes, “al bagazo, poco caso.”

  8. Olga Tanon = Sonia Sotomayor in heels and lipo. While the surgeries themselves may not have harmed the brain, the same cannot be said for all the happy juice she ingested pre- and post-op.

  9. Well, well, well… I might not be that surprised after all. A few years ago, I used to work for a company in Miami that provided services for WEA, the music production company of her discs. Everybody used to say she was real nice and down to earth, but kind of short in the brain-activity department. I don’t know, maybe she is not as uni-neuronal as Cuban police officers, but, boy, she did got close! Does this lady reads anything, not about Cuba and the embargo exceptions, but, at all?

    She might need a one-on-one session with this Cubanita over here, so I can tell her, in details, hoe the real embargo on medicines works, directly from the Cuban government and its thugs.

  10. Rayarena, I totally agree, we as Cuban Americans do not have a PR Machine that can truly represent us as a whole. Hell, Blacks have NAACP, Jews have the Anti-Defamation League, Homosexuals have GLAAD. Mexicans have LA RAZA, What do we have? The dimwitted son of Jorge Mas Canosa? He should be spinnig in his grave after the shame his son brings upon his organization.

    I propose an idea to my question. Let’s make one. For Cuban-Americans, by Cuban-Americans.

    Hey,It sure as hell can’t hurt to try.

    Here’s a name


    National Assosiation for the Advancement of Cuban-Americans League.

    Serves to protect Cuban-Americans anywhere, fights for the rights of the Cuban-American to be heard in any medium, puts Cuban Americans in movies, tv, and on radio (and not just as an extra but also a protagonist, Antogonist, supporting role, talk show host), supports Cuban American causes, etcetera..

    If this can be done successfully, imagine what a great impact our words, and action will have. We will be heard.

    Anything is possible.

  11. The CANF (Cuban American National Foundation) was “SUPPOSED” to be our watchdog – and protect our dignity in the media … so how’s that working out?

  12. What an embarrassment these old-timers are. The MSM always portrays these passionate Mambisas in an unfavorable light, and that makes the entire community look bad. You know, as crazy fidel hating intransigent hardliners. Better to stay home and watch the game. Yes, it’s a shame because we all know how “moderate” representatives of the Cuban exile community have advanced the cause.

  13. I was looking at those pictures. Among the pre-selected pictures that they publish [obviously those that would cause the most harm] such as that one that Mojito points out [and I agree] only needs the foam frothing from his mouth is a picture of a young man in a t-shirt who is clearly not Cuban. He looks 100% South American or Mexican and he is confronting an older Cubans. The descriptions calls him a younger Cuban. It seems that the media at every turn hammers in that mythical generational shift even if they have to lie outright by claiming that some South American is Cuban.

  14. La Tañon…just one more self centered low class fascist liberal fool making a ton of money ( Green U.S. Dollars” and living the good life in the good old U.S.A (Puerto Rico)…but of course lapping up to the socialist culoholes in castros 50 yr. dictatorship. Es una pila de mierda…with all “due respect”.

  15. It is not a pleasant thing to participate in a forum where 95% of what you read is written by some of the most shameful ultra right-wingers in the world. People who flaunt their prejudices with gusto. Yes, Olga Tanon is naive… in the sense that she believes that people like that majority in this forum have any sensitivity or commonsense. She thinks that there can be reconciliation between Cubans who either support or are comfortable with their legitimate government and their exiled enemies. That would be possible after a new generation of exiles takes the leadership, and it is not happening soon. There are enough troglodytes still alive and with sufficient influence to thwart any attempt at reconciliation. And they still have enough energy left to jump on a lot more CDs.

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