Eat your heart out, Bernie Madoff! Ha-Ha!

Please--PLEASE!! Keep heeding those shrewd investment tips from Phil Peters, Julia Sweig, Kirby Jones, etc. etc. etc. Were waiting down here! Ha-ha!
Please--PLEASE!! Keep heeding those shrewd investment tips from Phil Peters, Julia Sweig, Kirby Jones, etc. etc. etc. We're waiting down here! P.T. Barnum actually UNDER-estimated their birthrates! Ha-ha!

“I have repeatedly e-mailed, visited the offices and sent my representative to the offices of a (Cuban) company I did business with for years and which owes me money, and they simply refuse to talk to me,” a Canadian businessman told Reuters.

Many foreign suppliers and investors in Cuba are still unable to repatriate hundreds of millions of dollars from local accounts almost a year after Cuban authorities blocked them because of the financial crisis, foreign diplomats and businessmen said.

The businessmen, who asked not to be identified, said they were increasingly frustrated because the Communist authorities refused to offer explanations or solutions for the situation..

“Boo-hoo-hoo, snifle-snifle,” we all say.

Kirby Jones is the man to see about business in Cuba,” The New York Times

“Cubans know their business” says Alamar Pres. Kirby Jones. This means the Cubans sitting across the negotiating table have done their homework and know their business. They cannot be easily fooled.”

Apparently the same cannot be said of their commercial prey.

Question: Does the Castro-Anointed Kirby Jones have a backlog of calls from those, “Many foreign suppliers and investors in Cuba?” P.T. Barnum actually underestimated the number.


For the record: during the UNSPEAKABLE(!!!) Batista era, Cuba’s peso was pegged slightly ABOVE the U.S. dollar, Cuba ran a consistent trade surplus and her credit was solid gold, the same substance that fully backed her currency, in which Cuba’s industrial workers were paid the 8th highest wages in the world..




13 thoughts on “Eat your heart out, Bernie Madoff! Ha-Ha!

  1. This is like an adult playing with a snake known to be poisonous and then asking for sympathy when it bites you. These people are not just amoral; they’re pathetic.

  2. You know what’s really sick? Despite all of this, the MSM is going to continue editorializing about all of the lost business opportunities that Americans are missing out on as Canadians and Europeans profit at our expense, and the grain growers in the Midwest and the Republican senators that represent them are going to continue clamoring for a lifting of the embargo, and Carnival Cruises is going to continue lobbying congress and the rice growers in Louisiana are going to continue struggling for rapprochement with Cuba, etc…

    I have no explanation for it. It seems that despite all of the empirical evidence to the contrary, all of the data and reports of outright confiscations, etc… greedy businessmen prefer to listen to castro’s well-oiled propaganda machinery and to the MSM that chills for him.

    As I said, it’s really quite sickening and inexplicable.

  3. Castro is like everybody’s drunken cousin-in-law who has a gambling problem, and yet everybody keeps selling him stuff on credit. Why? What a great business opportunity!

  4. How did this happen? Simple.

    First, they scold us about the ‘cruel embargo’ and how we should trade with their bud, this ‘peaceful agrarian reformer’.

    Next, they hand money to cagasstro.

    Then, cagasstro makes their money vanish.

    Shortly, no one in Cuba is ‘available’ to listen to their sob story.

    Then, these scolds demand sympathy from those who warned them well in advance.

    OK, just to show whatta nice guy, I am, here’s my sympathy for ’em:

    Boo hoo.

    If they won’t believe either us or fifty years of history, maybe they oughta take it from cagasstro, who said the below, circa 1995:

    “Yanqui businessmen are fools, adventurers, and piratical idiots. Of course we will trade with them, take what is theirs – and kill them.”

    Seems kinda straightforward, t’me.

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasoviet Key, Florida
    30 September, 2009

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