Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

As we continue to slide into the abyss…


They lit up The Empire State Building in Red and Yellow to celebrate the 60th anniversary of The People’s Republic of China last night.

We’re not really celebrating fried rice, fortune cookies  and cheap flat – panel TV’s here.

We’re celebrating a system that has mass murdered MILLIONS.

Nobody’s even sure how many Chinese died at the hands of the Chinese communists. The Black Book of Communism estimates that it could be 44.5 to 72 Million. This great page summarizes different estimates from experts. The average falls between 47.75 and 52.5. But hey, what’s 4.75 Million dead chinos more or less? Who cares?

Lighting up the Empire State Building to celebrate the birth of the system is a disgrace and akin to dancing on the graves of all the victims…if you knew where they were since many are in unmarked mass graves.

Maybe next January 1st they’ll light the Freedom Tower in Miami red and black to celebrate the Cuban revolution and mock the pile of Cuban bones resting at the bottom of the Atlantic just offshore.



11 thoughts on “Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

  1. I guess it’s part of the NYC attitude: “We’re so with-it and cool that we don’t even have to pretend to give a shit about anything, except maybe Arab terrorists.”

  2. Hey – Michael Moore recently said that the U.S. needs to be more like China; that one enlightened party can change things for the better – some nonsense like that. And he’s always the toast of the town in New York. What should we expect? I’m just disappointed that I haven’t seen any criticism of this by Rudy Giuliani.

  3. You know, in principle, this is no different from putting swastikas all over the damn building to commemmorate Hitler’s birthday. It’s really a major, MAJOR obscenity. But hey, no sweat, let’s just be hipper than hip, shall we? Just like Cameron Diaz in Peru.

  4. “Lighting up the Empire State Building to celebrate the birth of the system”

    I agree, this really is sort of bizarre. I wonder who owns the Empire State Building these days. For a while, in early 1991, it was owned by the Japanese. Then Trump was allowed to purchase a chunk. Okay, I did a search just now, it is owned by Wein & Malkin. I wonder if they are in debt to Chinese lenders and making nice?


    Check the interview at the link above:

    Q. One thing about the Empire State Building that isn’t changing is the night lighting that makes the building a distinctive part of the city’s skyline. Who decides the tower light colors?

    A. Our brand manager. We get hundreds of requests a year.

    We try to use the lighting to celebrate everybody who thinks highly of the building. We do important Western holidays, we have fun with the Mets versus the Yankees or the Jets versus the Giants. We also are celebrating the 60th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. And we use light to celebrate Id al-Fitr, the festivities at the end of the Ramadan fast.

  5. I Celebrate and Respect CHINA – The Regime – Not nearly as much – CHINA on a scale of 1-10 is in the high nines. The Regime – straining for a TWO. Same for PERSIA, a/k/a “IRAN.”


  6. Again conservatives are getting all a-twit because the Empire State building was lit in Chinese colours. They claim the chinese communist slaughtered millions on their own but don’t mention, the Japanese did the same thing when they invaded the Chinese mainland and later on the Batann Death March. The Chinese are holding much of the US debt so why get all bent out of shape now? The majority of cars in the US were made by the Japanese and the electron devices you use were made by the Chinese and Koreans. Get over it!

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