Gitmo terrorists are refugees?

Gitmo terrorists are now Guantanamo refugees. How’s that for change? As Humberto would say, unreal.

From Human Events:

REPORTER QUESTION: Talk to us a little bit about response and talks and any commitments that you may have gotten from our European and other friends in the international community about taking in Guantanamo detainees as the camp in Guantanamo is expected to close at some point in the near future. Have you gotten any commitments from our European friends and anybody else?

ASSISTANT SECRETARY PHILIP J. CROWLEY: Ambassador Dan Fried continues his efforts to resettle, you know, Guantanamo refugees to various places around the world.

Listen in at 24:10 minutes.



6 thoughts on “Gitmo terrorists are refugees?

  1. Let me see if I understand this correctly. You’re upset because people that have no evidence against them and have not been charged with a crime are being released from prison?

    What should happen to them instead?

  2. How Orwellian. Terrorists are refugees and Cuban refugees are migrants unless they make it to Miami where they become intransigent terrorists if they work to free their brethern.Im going to have to start intravenous mojito treatments , Z!

  3. Cigar Mike –

    Looks Like Phil Crowley is NO RELATION to Monica Crowley, at least on an idealogical basis.


  4. I can see how in some people’s eyes they’d be perceived as inmigrants they were involuntarily put in a place not of their choosing while tring to reform the system! Get it?

  5. If there’s one thing I’ve leaned is how Democrats (Socialists/Communists)love “word play.” They are expects at it. You see, these liberals weave certain key words into usually conflictive issues hoping to change people’s perception. You hear and see it all the time in the news. I guess these elitist believe us to be very simple minded people.

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