Rove Backs Rubio

From PolitcalWire via Riehl World View: “Rove Backs Rubio In Florida.”

Former Bush political adviser Karl Rove “has signaled his preference” in Florida’s U.S. Senate race “with his wallet.”

Rove confirmed to NBC News “that he has contributed a $1000 to Rubio’s campaign, the donation will be made public when Rubio files his next FEC report (due Oct. 15).”

“This comes on the heels of Jeb Bush’s public signal that he plans to stay neutral in the Crist-Rubio primary; Many believe this is Jeb’s way of quietly telling influential Florida Republicans that he’d prefer Rubio but doesn’t want to alienate Crist since he’s still the heavy favorite in the primary. For Rubio, he needs to show some viability and that begins with his next fundraising report. But the most important fundraising report might actually be by the end of the year when you’ll truly be able to see how Rubio’s been able to use the Jeb neutrality (support?) to his advantage. Remember, Jeb is to Florida Republicans what Reagan is to the party nationally, he’s held in THAT high of regard.”



6 thoughts on “Rove Backs Rubio

  1. George,

    Jeb should stop beating around the bush and support Rubio.

    And if Crist does not like it, then tough shit, that’s the price to pay for being a freaking RINO.

    I’m tired of this Republican political establishment crap that the party has to support a candidate (Crist) that obviously don’t carry the right values for the office.

    As far as I’m concerned I never again vote for Charlie Crist.

  2. Jeb supporting Marco Rubio would be like pulling the rug from under Charlie Crist (regardless of his campaign chest advantage). You would see the support numbers for Crist’s drop significantly.

    But I don’t think that Jeb Bush has the courage to publicly support Marco Rubio over Charlie Crist.

  3. Rove might be the kiss of death though? Especially to moderate voters that Rubio will need in the I-4 Corridor.

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