Hey Mr. Peace Prize Winner, Even Lanny Davis Says You’re Wrong on Honduras

Interesting article in today’s WSJ by Democrat Lanny Davis on the Honduras situation where he points out the idiocy of Obama and his Chavez dupes about their refusal to recognize the new freely elected government in Honduras following the November 2009 election:

What’s made the situation even more intractable is that the U.S., the OAS and the EU have strongly suggested that they will not recognize the results of the upcoming Nov. 29 presidential elections. They took this position without taking into account that the electoral process is supervised, pursuant to the Honduran constitution, by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal. The tribunal is thoroughly independent of the executive branch led by Roberto Micheletti.

These policy decisions have produced an ironic and embarrassing scenario: The U.S. is apparently unwilling to recognize free and fair elections in Honduras with international observers; this at the same time it is about to recognize the president of Afghanistan, who was elected in what is now seen as a fraudulent electoral process.

He points out to an interesting situation which seems like a reasonable compromise, but which would be contingent on the following:

1) a moratorium on all prosecutions of political crimes, which was interpreted to apply both to accusations against Mr. Zelaya and those responsible for deporting him

2)  the resignation, after the election, of Mr. Micheletti

3) renunciation by Mr. Zelaya of his intention to be restored as president;

4) the succession, as provided by the constitution, of a caretaker president between election day and inauguration day.

Makes sense, but it seems like no one is willing to compromise.  And even in the case that there is no compromise, Mr. Davis notes the following that hopefully our Nobel Winning Prize President should take heed:

But given reports from yesterday’s discussions of continued intransigence by both parties, this seems overly optimistic. If Mr. Zelaya refuses to “resign” or renounce his intention to be restored, which is a distinct possibility, one would hope that the U.S. and other nations of the OAS and EU would no longer feel compelled to insist on his reinstatement. They should then recognize the election of the new president, and the crisis would truly be over. Honduras would be restored to its rightful role as a stable constitutional republic and loyal ally of the U.S.

My $50 is with Obama continuing to follow the Hugo Chavez position of not recognizing a freely elected government.  Mr. Davis’ article can be found here.



2 thoughts on “Hey Mr. Peace Prize Winner, Even Lanny Davis Says You’re Wrong on Honduras

  1. Re: Honduras

    So while the thrust is to

    promote better relations with the Cuban monarchy

    while their dictatorship continues to oppress

    is absurd.

    However to do this,

    while supporting

    Zelaya the would be Castro,

    the imitation Chavez

    is a madness beyond all imagination.

    It is clear that the “Foggy Bottom”

    the State DepartDrdment under Hillary Clinton

    is at best a madhouse

    and at worse …

    There has not been such idiocy at State

    since Sumner Welles fell in love with

    El Mulato Lindo in 1933.

  2. What’s weird is that Lanny Davis is very tight chums with the Clintons, closer than Dick Morris once was.

    Alas, unlike Morris, Davis has never pulled a Brutus (and for such loyalty to friends –probably because of my Cuban genes–I gotta like him, his Democratic activism notwithstanding.)

    Knowing his tightness with Hillary, the Honduran (good guys) hired him as a lobbyist. The verdict is still out on whether they’re getting their lempira’s worth.

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